Archila is a young Colombian artist, now based in Miami who also runs his own imprint Cedez Music. With the Miami scene starting to get back on track with events and parties, and his new release out now “Red & Brown Space”, we caught up with him to find out how life is for him right now…


Interview by Ian Fleming

Hey Archila, how are you, what’s good, what’s bad right now for you?

Things are going very well, glad to be back at work, playing music again for people creating good special moments!

What’s life in Miami been like?

I think I’m lucky to live in Miami, the city is thriving, after all the craziness of the last year, it finally feels good to feel that we are going back to normality.

What are the big sounds and scenes there, what is hot, who is hot?

The amount of events popping up in our city is crazy. It’s pretty amazing to see what’s going on and there is a lot of people doing great things, it’s like we went back to the roots of the underground.

You’re from Colombia originally. How much of there do you remember? When did you move to the states and why? Does the place inspire you musically?

I lived half of my life in Colombia. I love my land and I’m super proud to be Colombian. It definitely inspires my sound and my music. My Spanish roots are always incorporated in my music, so to answer your question, yes it does inspire me a lot.

What inspired the title of your new EP on Cedez Music “Red & Brown Space”?

I recently moved to a new place and built my new studio. The colours of the walls and the carpet are red & brown. Since this was the first track I made in my new studio, I decided to call it like this.

Tell us about the label – the musical outlook, the vibe, the feel of the artwork?

Over the past few years of my life I started kitesurfing and that really made me connect with the earth and that’s some of what you see on the artwork, very earthy colours.

Is it weird making music without playing so many dj gigs? Harder to find inspiration?

I really enjoyed making music through the quarantine. The fact that there was no dancefloor allowed me to start exploring into different sounds and different styles. I’d say a more music side of me came out.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I have a release coming soon on Abracadabra BLOND:ISH label, and some really cool edits I’ve done in the past few weeks.

What motivates you most, what are you working towards ultimately?

Watching people smile on the dancefloor makes me happy, and that’s the main reason I do this because I live to create special moments through music.

Archila’s “Red & Brown Space” is out now on Cedez Music 
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