Art Bastian’s ‘Blazing Sun’ has been beating down on a select number of dancefloors over the last few months. The mercury has been rising on this vocal house gem, steadily gaining momentum including Radio 1 Dance Anthems support and a spins from more than just select number of tastemakers from around the globe. The altogether clandestine Art Bastian takes some precious time out from studio life to have an exclusive chat with us about their new single, DJ life and more.

Welcome Art Bastian!

Hi DMCWorld! Good to be chatting with you! 

What was the inspiration behind your new track “Blazing Sun”? Were you looking to release a summer track/anthem for 2019 for some time now?

Once we decided on the folky summer melody the lyrics wrote themselves, which is the best feeling, like a puzzle falling into place.

Do you consider yourselves workaholics? When do you know you are doing or have taken on too much? Or is there never enough work?

Maybe, but when you’re working on something you love it doesn’t feel like work! (So yeah, guilty as charged)

How does Art Bastian refill the engine? What are some must haves for you to recharge and be ready for another studio session or gig?

It’s all about diversity and keeping things fresh, DJ’ing inspires you to get back in the studio, and the studio inspires you to get on the decks.

What are some of your favorite things about DJing?

Witnessing people’s reaction is fascinating, and if that happens to be a track that’s work in progress, it’s an invaluable educational tool!

Whats the key to a good track? Or, what is the approach to making new music?

It’s important to find elements that make a track feel different and stand out from the rest.

What are some important things to pay attention to or things that need to be discussed more within the dance community regarding the mental health and lively hood of busy DJs and producers?

The lifestyle can be gruelling and unnatural so it’s hugely important for musicians and DJs to consider their mental health and remember there’s no shame in getting professional help.

When selecting tracks for a set, what are some important factors you take into consideration that maybe some other DJ/Producers overlook?

Sometimes DJs try to be too cool. People want to have fun and enjoy themselves, so getting the balance between cool and enjoyable is essential. Playing to the crowd is essential.

While growing up were you always into house music?

Absolutely, so many incredible tracks have come before us, the dream is to add a track or 10 to the list. Dream big.

What keeps you motivated and pushing forward?

Seeing the reaction to our music is amazing, especially from our peers. It gives us the feeling  feeling that the best is yet to come!

What can we expect from Art Bastian for the remainder of 2019?

We are really busy working on new material and our DJ shows. There are a few other projects coming out too so it’s all about work, work and more work!

Art Bastian’s ‘Blazing Sun’ is out on the 23rd August 2019 with a Huxley remix due for release a week later on the 30th August via 18th Floor Recordings.

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