Back To Mine with Beth Lydi

Following the release of her debut album Burnheart last year, acclaimed German musician Johanna Burnheart has announced Burnheart Remixed: a new collection of reimagined album tracks from four singularly talented electronic producers including Beth Lydi.

Burnheart Remixed sees Johanna further and more directly explore the underground club scene that has long influenced her work, with four incredible electronic artists providing brand new versions of tracks from her album.

Beth Lydi has had a meteoric rise over the last few years, with releases on DIRTYBIRD, Desert Hearts and her own SNOE – which she co-runs with Andreas Henneberg – propelling her into the spotlight. Sitting somewhere between deep, hypnotic techno and visceral tech house, her remix of Sisyphos is a dark and twisted delight, ripe for basement raves thanks to its raw beats, propulsive groove and head scrambling breakdown.

Ahead of its release, she selects 10 afterparty-ready cuts for our Back To Mine series.


Speaker Honey – I Can Do It (The Glitz Remix)

This track has everything I love in music, roughness, attitude, nasty synths and a little bit of dreaminess to it. Speaker Honey is such a talent, I have been following her for a while now. And The Glitz I think have a lot of timeless productions, I really appreciate what these guys do together.

Speaker Honey - I Can Do It (The Glitz Remix) // SNOE067

Marc Romboy – Muzik (Kink Remix)

This is definitely an all time favourite. It has such a powerful energy, it just catches me every time I hear it. One of these tracks that, played at the right time, can create total mayhem in the room. Also two legends behind this one that I admire a lot.

Marc Romboy Vs Blake Baxter Muzik Kink Remix

Hennon – WLS Today

Another oldie but goldie. Almost don’t have the words to describe this one. Heard it way before I got to know who Hennon was, and me and a friend always used to put it on when having house parties. It’s a bit more in the minimal direction, but holy guacamole what a tune. It is just magnificent. Even putting it on now for this article I get goosebumps.

Hennon - WLS Today (Original Mix)

Lauren Lane – Cool Kids

If you ever stumbled across my very first artist podcast you have heard this tune. It was so different at the time, giving off so good energy, being Tech House before Tech House was a thing kind of.

Lauren Lane - Cool Kids (Original Mix)

Elisa Elisa – Dreamy Rhodes

This is a track that immediately caught my attention. Love the groove and the soft vocals and chords. Maybe a bit untypical me, but just so good. Definitely a great tune for an afterparty.

DJ Sneak – Stars

Love, love, love this tune. Little bit old school and full of fresh energy. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m quite the sucker for good grooves, and this one really just makes me want to dance.

Monki ft. Queen Rose – Ring Ring

Okey, here we have a tune I’d play at any time of the day. Joke aside, this is an absolute monster of a track. It has it all, attitude, drive and a nasty synth. Love it, and have played it many, many times already.

Monki - Ring Ring ft. Queen Rose

DJ Fronter, Julian Collazos – Wew We

I love DJ Fronter’s productions and have probably played almost everything he has made, haha. This guy knows what he is doing, both when it comes to building catchy grooves and heavy hitting basslines.

Cascandy – All I Need

Cascandy has a very outstanding sound. You kind of always recognise the music. Dreamy yet driven, and often with a lot of funky sound design. This one was teased a long time before it was released, and I was very happy when I could add it to my playlist. An excellent track fro after-hours for sure!

Anunaku – Teleported

This is a huge track. One that can be used in many different settings. One of those that just catches your attention right away. The groove slaps, and then this twisted melody sets in, almost sounding a bit middle-eastern. Just loving the whole vibe here.

Anunaku - Teleported


Burnheart Remixed is out now