Bad Colours

Bad Colours is the moniker of London-born, Maryland-raised, Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Ibe Soliman. With influences of garage from both sides of the Atlantic as well as funk, post-disco, proto-house and rap samples; his debut album ‘PINK’ is set for release by Bastard Jazz later this month…

Hello, thanks for speaking with DMCWORLD. For anyone not familiar with you, please introduce yourself and what you do.

Hey DMCWORLD, I’m Bad Colours. Producer/DJ living in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been spinning in the downtown NYC scene for over a decade and producing mostly local artists along the way. Bad Colours is how I see things.

Please talk us through your debut album ‘PINK’? What drove you to create the album?

It was a combination of being inspired by all that looks to be changing and wanting to put something out, a friend telling me I’m selfish for not putting out more music and an artist I produced a song for kinda messing up the release of it. PINK started with a few vocals samples from friends and grew from there. I’ve spent so much time DJ/Producing for others that I wanted to create something that felt like me.

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Can you tell us more about who features on the album? 

Jarv Dee is a really dope MC out of Seattle who I was introduced to through Mikaelin ‘Blue’ BlueSpruce. They grew up together out there. I sent him a rough version “Feelin’ Like” with his vocal sample and he wanted to get on it. Wasn’t planning on that and he took it to another level.

Marcus Harmon is someone I met through Twitter. I had a friend that was kind of managing me at the time and sent me his music. Incredible voice and plays guitar too. We recorded our first song within the first 30 minutes of meeting each other. He works really quickly off of feeling as I do and we just clicked. It had been a while and his voice is so unique that I didn’t wanna send him anything til it was the right one. I knew “Get U Off” was for him and he loved the track.

Bad Colours - Feelin' Like (feat. Jarv Dee)

If money was no object, what musical item or piece of studio equipment would you buy?

A treated room with a Richard Long or Funktion-One sound system to test songs out.

What have been the biggest influences in your music career so far?

As cliche as it is, my friends and traveling. I’ve lived in NYC for a while now and it’s just as inspiring as day one. Most of my friends aren’t even musicians. A normal conversation can spark wonderful ideas.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

An ex-girlfriend told me “music always needs a sense of aggression.” Even in a ballad the kick could still hit or it could be as simple as adding a little distortion to an instrument. 

What are three new tracks/albums you’d recommend someone to listen to?

The Avalanches – We Will Always Love You

Anderson Paak – Jewelz

Radiant Children – Rare