Benson has been tearing up the Australian dance circuit for over six years now, earning millions of streams with his critically acclaimedsingles “Step To Me”and “Resolution.”He’s topped the Aria Club charts with multiple #1 hits and released music on key industry-leading labels including Sweat It Out, Ultra, Medium Rare Recordings,and more. Benson’s wild and infectious personality has garnered him a global fanbase, where he’s toured overseas in the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and Amsterdam. He’s performed headlining slots at festivals in his hometown of Australia including Splendour In The Grass, Beyond The Valley, Falls Festival, and also received steady support from key tastemakers including Flume, Fisher, Anna Lunoe, Peking Duk, and Dom Dolla. He currently spearheads his successful label Medium Rare Recordings who have released major tracks from the likes of Stace Cadet & KLP, LO’99, Golf Clap, Bruno Furlan,and Codes. DMC checks in with the main man as he releases new single “Misbehave” featuring Joe Publick, out now via Ultra Music…

Benson - Misbehave feat. Joe Publick (Visualizer) [Ultra Music]


Benson a huge welcome to DMCWORLD. Do you have any studio rituals or superstitions?

Thanks for having me! Well I’ve got to have a coffee when kicking off a studio session in the morning. I don’t really have any superstitions like a lucky pair of underwear though haha. Maybe that will come with age though? Who knows!

What’s your favourite production kit and why?

I can’t go past the classic 909 kit , regardless of how long its been around, it always goes hard.

What’s your favourite memory from creating the track?

I was writing the vocal for “Misbehave” with my good mate “Stace Cadet”. We started singing the lyrics in a terrible “Michael Caine” accent and we couldn’t stop laughing. We are big fans of the actor. After a while we thought maybe a UK vocal on this could actually work really well and the rest is history.

What does ’Misbehave’ mean to you?

Misbehave reminds me when I first started going out to clubs and raves when I was 18 years on. You had been at school or work all week and just couldn’t wait for the weekend. That feeling of having a few drinks with your mates before hand then making your way to the club. You’d walk in the door and just couldn’t wait to have a fun fuelled night listening to music you’d never heard before.

How was working with Joe Publick? 

Joe was a breeze to work with! I found him on the internet after he released a song called “chicken tikka masala” and I knew he’d be perfect on this track. My manager emailed him and the next day I was on a facetime with him. He recorded the vocals straight away and I had them back within a day or so.

What was the attraction to his voice?

The rawness of it for sure, its so harsh but fits so well. It really cuts through the record and creates something unique.

Who are you taking into the studio next time?

I’ve been doing a lot of writing with KLP lately! I’m about to head to the studio right now and working on something with her.

What positives have you taken from the last year? 

Lifes long, slow down. Its ok to take a break and regroup. It certainly made me focus more on my production. I finally had the time to finish a bunch of demos that had just been sitting on my computer collecting dust.

If you could only listen to 3 records ever again, which ones would they be?

Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad

Chris Isaak – Wiked Games

Toploader – Dancing In The Moonlight

Who are your favourite unsung producers at the moment?

Im going to shout out a couple local Australians here.

Double Agent, Rosie Kate & Tough Break are all great up and coming producers! Keep a eye on them!