Dance Vibes– the eagerly awaited EP and label debut from prolific Russian-born producer Boris – is out now via Paco Osuna’s esteemed imprint Mindshake Records. Featuring a trio of brand new, original productions from New York-based stalwart, Dance Vibesyet is another masterfully crafted EP on Mindshake from a vintage producer at the very top of his game. Combining a diverse range of influences from across a wide sonic spectrum, Boris’s groovy, rolling tech-house foundation is placed within a darker, danceable tension bent across the entire EP. We sat down with Boris to find out more…

Hey Boris, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us there at DMCWORLD. How are you? 

Thanks for having me, everything is great as I sit in my hotel in San Francisco getting ready for my gig tonight at The EndUp. 

Before we get into it — massive congratulations on the forthcoming release of your new Dance Vibes EP on Mindshake Records. Can you tell us a bit about the EP? 

Thank you! All 3 cuts have different vibes that a variety of different DJs can play in their sets. ‘Dance Vibes’ is a peak hour tech house track, ‘The Spot’ is more house/tech house track for all the DJs that don’t play as hard, and ‘Let Me Dance’ just comes with that high energy techno feel to it. Something for everyone. 

We understand this is your first EP on Paco Osuna’s label — how did that come about? 

Yes, I was always a fan of the label and his sound. I decided to make something specifically for him so I sent him ‘The Spot’ and ‘Let Me Dance ‘and he loved them and wanted to sign them. then I made ‘Dance Vibes’ which ultimately became the name of the ep and the track that put this EP over the top. 

You’ve released on numerous imprints over the years. do you tailor your productions to fit the various labels you release, or…? How does it work? 

Absolutely! I try and vision what certain labels are putting out and try and make something that will fit that particular label. I only like to work with a few labels and keep my tracks on them and develop a certain sound for them. Whether it be Mindshake, Senso, Intec, Tronic, Toolroom, Sci&Tec, Transmit etc. – all labels have a particular sound. Take Senso for example, I just released an EP with them for on the lines of darker techno, something I wouldn’t release on Mindshake per say. I like doing a variety or different tracks to always keep it fresh. Some producers get caught up with doing that same sound over and over and people will have a certain stigma towards them for doing that sound, that will make it difficult for them to change. That’s why I always try and do different type of tracks, so I can always keep it fresh. 

For those that don’t know, how and why did you first get into electronic music? Which artists did you listen to growing up? 

I’ve been going out and listening to different DJs since I was 15. I was always fascinated with the whole DJ thing and how they would be able to control a crowd, and are the ones responsible for everybody’s night. I grew up in NYC so Junior Vasquez, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles were some of the many I grew up listening to. 

How would you describe your sound?  

Hard, pounding, full of energy, sexy and ready to dance sound. Pounding, bottom heavy, energetic groove  that you will feel thru your body that can’t help but make you want to move.

You’ve been DJjing and making music or over three decades now. if you were to pick one or two moments you were most proud of over the course of you career, what would they be?  

I would have to say the  legendary residences that held down over my career. I was the resident of Pacha NYC for 8 years, Crobar NYC 3, Roxy in the 90s, Space miami with the original ownership for 8 and many others across the US. We all know how tough it is to sustain a consistent residence and I was lucky enough to have multiple.

Talk to us about your label, Transmit Recordings.

That’s my  baby! In the course of the last 6 years we have had countless huge records with some of the biggest artists in the industry, all you have to do is just look at our catalogue. from the techno, tech house, and house world, we try to keep our sound a groovy techno/ tech house sound and not just focus on one sound. We try to keep it fresh and put out records that people can dance to.

Any upcoming producers you think we should be keeping our eyes on?

So many amazing producers out there, way too many to name…

Finally, what does the rest of 2019 look like for you in terms of new music and touring? 

We have some big events coming up starting tonight in San Fran at The EndUp. We are closing out the summer with our infamous Getwet party at the Profundo pool in NY, a big date at King Hall which is the BK Mirage, as well as doing another big show at Knockdown Center with 3 other big DJs and I’m playing Miami for the Heart Festival, during Art Basel, just to name a few. As far my new releases go, I have a new release on Mindshake which is out now, new one on Senso Sounds, 2 collaborations with D-Unity coming on Transmit Recordings. We also have some big projects on Transmit Recordings coming with 2 huge artists in the hip hop world being remixed by one of the biggest DJs in the world – plus a ton of new other releases. As you can see we have a busy end of the year.