When GRAMMY® Award-winning producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, entrepreneur, DJ, philanthropist and film producer Dallas Austin collides with superstar producer, writer, businessman and international touring EDM DJ,Cory Enemy…expect fireworks!

Hi DALiCO, so great to have you here at DMC world! How have you been finding lockdown, what have you been up to?

Cory: We’ve been on the grind. Utilizing this down time to work and try out new ideas. It’s actually been incredibly productive creatively. Lots of inspiration flowing.

Dallas: It’s been pretty good for me. I’ve been putting a lot of music out on the Rowdy Label and focusing on the release of our project. Other than that I have been doing live DJ-ing gigs on Twitch and IG Live which has helped a lot to connect with people.

Two super producers joining forces on a new project – DALiCO…exciting! How did this union come about and what are the key concepts behind the project?

Cory: We’ve actually been working together for 10+ years now – writing and producing for many different artists. We’d thrown around the idea of doing a collaborative artist project for maybe 5-6 years, but it didn’t start to take shape until just last year. We’ve both been focused on our respective music businesses and working on various projects for several years now, but we started forming a really interesting concept for the DALiCO project and the timing finally felt right. The concept I think is an organic point of overlap for us – the sum of what we both do in harmony. Dallas has this amazing background in ATL music. It’s a part of his musical DNA. And I have a long background in electronic music. It kind of feels like starting DALiCO was only a matter of time. We have both influenced each other over the years and it feels like our creative paths have just now perfectly and naturally intersected to birth this project. We’ve been playing around with new ways of bringing house influence into hiphop/Atlanta Trap and R&B, and vice versa. I think there are places these amalgamations can go that haven’t been explored yet. There’s a lot of potential for some really fresh sounds. 

Dallas : We have worked on a lot of music both separately and together, but we have a certain magic that happens when the both of us work together. We wanted to display that magic through this collaborative project. 

We understand you mainly produce from your home studios, what’s your go-to piece of tech in creating DALiCO’s sound? 

Cory: All we really need to get the job done is a laptop, Ableton Live, and sometimes a little Patron Silver haha. 

Living in different states, how do you work collaboratively on music and make sure you always stay on the same page artistically? 

Cory: Well, pre-COVID we both would often fly to each other’s respective cities. We also spent some time working at a ranch out in Joshua Tree. This is how we got the majority of our EP done. Since COVID it’s been tricky. I think working off each other’s energy in the room has always been such a huge part of our process. Hopefully we’ll be able to get back into the studio together soon. 

Dallas : We know each other so well we are basically family and we really respect each other musically. Artistically we both get what we want this project to sound like and which elements from each of us that will contribute to that. 

Congratulations on your latest release, your remix of Racks In the Middle by Nipsey Hussle. How did this come about and what was the production process like?

Cory: We just really love this song so much. I think losing Nipsey has been a massive loss for music. He was so insanely and uniquely talented at what he did. We wanted to do something to pay homage to him. So the remix seemed like the perfect way to commemorate his legacy. Creatively, I think we were inspired by how melodic the song is, and we thought it could lend itself well to a melodic deep house record while still retaining its original trap vibes.

You’ve both had incredible careers within the music industry both as producers and performers. What’s been your highlight/s so far? 

Cory: Man, there have been so many. I think Dallas has about 100 more epic highlights than me. Honestly, I’ve known him for 10 years and he still pulls out some crazy-ass stories I’ve never heard before. We once went to Prince’s house and watched him perform a private set. That was pretty insane to me. But that’s still tame compared to some of Dallas’ other stories haha. 

Dallas : One of my biggest highlights is being inducted into The Songwriters’ Hall of Fame in 2019. Winning Grammys and being fortunate enough to work with legendary artists across many different genres.

Finally, what can we expect from DALiCO after this release? What are your plans for the rest of 2020 and beyond?

Cory: We’ve been working on so much music! We’ve been developing our sound for a while now and we’re really excited to start putting stuff out. We’ll be putting out more remixes this year and our single in September, followed by an EP. We also have some collabs in the works with some really amazing artists.

Dallas: Our next single release “Lie to Me” featuring an amazing artist named Julian Perretta is set for September. We look forward to making music that inspires, pushing the envelope, and becoming one of the biggest duos. We are excited that the world gets to hear our music as we hear it. And I’d like to thank you guys so much for this opportunity.


Racks in the Middle (DALiCO Remix) by Nipsey Hussle