Deep Thought

Building a discography of genre-bending releases, Deep Thought’s discography began forming relationships with artists solely online. Featuring legends like Mick Jenkins, frequent collaborator Chester Watson, Kent Loon, and more, whilst bringing along his array of captivating beats, innovative production and electrifying lo-fi hip-hop vibe. With an unrelenting drive for growth and an unwavering commitment to his daring sonic vision, Deep Thought is poised to revolutionize the hip-hop landscape.

Previously collaborating with the likes of Chester Watson, Kent Loon, MED, and upcoming projects with Open Mike Eagle and Lou from Paradise, the multi-faceted artist continues to blossom to prove he’s on the rise, whilst racking up over 400,000 streams across Spotify and nearly 1 million in total. Influenced by iconic artists including Radiohead, Madlib, MF DOOM, and King Krule have helped shape Deep Thought’s highly-impressive releases, adapting to multiple genres with a fresh and undeniably captivating aesthetic.

‘Bon Yoage’ now sees Deep Thought breathe life into his latest release while joining forces with another talented rapper  Rome Fortune this March, ahead of his forthcoming project ‘Sun God’ which drops at the end of this month.

We caught up with Deep Thought to discuss his new single ‘Bon Voyage’ with Rome Fortune, collaborating with artists like Mick Jenkins solely through social media, upcoming projects and more.

Hey Deep Thought, thanks for joining us here at DMC World Magazine. Let’s start by talking about how you are and what’s going on in your life right now? 
Right now things are a bit slow musically. I put in a ton of work in 2022 and I am basically just releasing my music now. I produced hundreds of tracks last year. Now I am just trying to figure out what the world gets to hear.

What’s a particularly powerful musical moment you have experienced through your career as an artist and can you mention how it has influenced your releases? 
I’d say one of the biggest moments is just when I first created something that people wanted to listen to. Sometimes that push is all an artist needs. Once that happens I feel like it snowballs from there.

You’ve collaborated with legends including Mick Jenkins, Chester Watson, MED, and most recently Rome Fortune. We are aware that you’ve never met the artists and have solely connected online. How has it been forming these relationships with artists and are there any other upcoming talent you have your eye on to feature with? 
It has been interesting. I have never actually even been in a studio with another artist. Some artists I work with we just click and produce great work easily. Others have been more challenging. I think when you vibe sonically it doesn’t matter if you are in the same room or not.

We’re really enjoying your vibe and are particularly interested in your modern meets old school hip-hop aesthetic. What makes your releases so innovative, yet enticing? Would you say your influences from Radiohead to MF Doom have influenced your hip-hop, electronic-esque tone? 
Obviously MF DOOM is one of the greatest of all time. His beat tapes even inspired me. But I think my sound stems from my diverse background  and personal tastes. I love hip-hop, but I listen to a really diverse array of genres. Indie, hip-hop, electronic, and even hardcore/metal.. doesn’t matter if it sounds good I’ll listen to it.

If you had an opportunity to work with any musician, past or present, who would you choose and why are you drawn to them? 
Thom Yorke is definitely at the top of the list. Would love a collab with Czarface. MF DOOM if he were still with us for sure.

Your releases have strong hip-hop elements, whilst incorporating a blend of other genres. How has your music style evolved over time?
 I think over the years my sound has gone from me trying to “make something sound like a certain style”.. to letting the music take its own shape. I think this happens with a lot of artists when you first start out. In the beginning you are searching for your sound.

Let’s discuss the production process behind your most recent singles ‘The Truth’ alongside Mick Jenkins and ‘Bon Voyage’ with Rome Fortune. Can you guide us through your approach to creating the tracks, from the initial idea to the final product – what were the production process behind both?

Both were similar processes. I compulsively make beats. I have a large database of them and sometimes I hear one and think to myself “This artist would sound good on this one”. Then I reach out to them. For both Mick and Rome this was the process. I sent them beats and they were into it.

What’s next for Deep Thought? Are there any upcoming releases, gigs or collaborations you’d like to mention? 
No gigs. I don’t perform live (maybe someday). For upcoming releases and collabs you can expect some more with Chester Watson, Bryson the Alien, Vash Noir, Open Mike Eagle, Uptown Slang, Lou from Paradise, maybe another Kent Loon track soon.