Deli-G Trainspotting 10

The legend delves into his box for the big 10 dancefloor crunchers…


1. “Looking Glass” Sean McCabe Remix – Wipe The Needle & Andre Espeut (Makin Moves Records)

Here is another quality remix from Mr McCabe which also boasts a wicked dub too.

2. “Tonight” – Vick Lavender’s Time Traveler Remix – Robert Owens (Sophisticado Records)

Following Glenn Underground’s remix Vick breathes new life into this song with a couple of instrumentals mixes to complete the release.

3. “I See You” Full Mix – Prefix One ft. Angenita (HouseHead London)

This record label is going from strength to strength and here is another quality single to add to their catalogue.

4. “Keep On’ – Luis Radio EditLesny Deep (GrooveBom Records)

Luis’s and the GroomBom crew has kept the world of dance music focused on the Italian music scene. 

5. “Something Special” DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix – Tasha LaRae Larry Espinosa (Quantize)

Two top producers in their own right who always deliver dope vibes on their remix duties.

6. “Follow Me” Extended Mix – David Harness & Antoinette (Cafe 432)

Simply just a quality soulful bumpy groove essential for your uplifting soulful sets.

7. “Give All You Got” – Dave Anthony Ed Ramsey (Newtown)

This release guarantee to get your dance floor grooving with a cool hook from Ed.

8. “Put Your Hands Together” Sean’s Retro Jackin’ Mix – Harold Matthew Jr & DJ Fill (Good Vibrations Music)

After roadtesting this release for over a year it still delivers an energy to any house set.

9. “Disco Night 2” R/A Extended Disco Mix Part 2 – Risk Assessment (Stereotype)

Following his quality remix on Kathy Brown’s single R/A puts his vibe on The Isley Brothers classic.

10. “Midnight Jazz Journey” – Casemena Club Instrumental Mix – Robert Matos feat Ron Trent (Ocha Records)

All round quality deep house release.


Deli G headlines Househead presents That Perfect Beat alongside Craig Smith, Rap Saunders, Johnny Reckless, Nick Standen and Steve Parr on Saturday June 17th at Aures in Waterloo. Tickets:

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