Gil Glaze

DMCWORLD gets a world exclusive with the producer on everyone’s lips right now…

How did you first get into music?

I have been into music since a very young age, despite my parents not coming from a musical background. I started playing the saxophone and piano in school, but never really found my way into the music world. When I started going clubbing I understood what a “DJ” was and fell in love. I started out playing on turntables and really enjoyed tech house music.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Wasted’?

For years I had been making music to fit into the scene, it was music I enjoyed but lacked passion. As a DJ you think to only play tracks that will be enjoyed by clubs, ‘Wasted’ is my first experimental track going into the pop world which I truly love. Thanks to streaming services and radio support, DJ’s are now able to become artists.

How did the collaboration of ‘Wasted’ come about?

I had been in contact with DJ Swivel for some time, finally we met in LA last summer where we had time to plan a collaboration. He had been in the studio working with Candace Sosa. We bounced files back and forth with him bringing out the pop sound and myself and Redondo bringing in the club feeling, to not completely drift away from my roots. 

How does it compare working with someone to producing something by yourself?

I had studied music production at university and produced a lot on my own. I find it difficult to sit in a studio for hours alone as I am quite a “peoples person” where I hate having to be alone. These days I like to collaborate with different DJs and producers to bring out new sounds and ideas. This way also we can find the flaws in both sides of the production. 

What tracks do you have on repeat at the moment?

I’m really loving Martin Jensen’s new song “Carry On” which he showed me some time ago before it was released. It was stuck in my head so had been waiting for it to be released! Also loving Jonas Blue lately as he blends radio and club music so well. 

Where is your favourite place to perform?

Marquee Singapore is the dream venue for me to play. I played there in May 2019 and can’t describe the feeling. The crowd react to everything and really have a feel for the music. Also the hospitality of Tao Group and Marina Bay Sands is outstanding! 

How do you connect with fans during your sets?

Everywhere is different. Starting as a tech house DJ then going into open format made me realise how important it is to read a crowd. As a DJ at my level you still have to prove yourself as a DJ, and not stick to the style you want to listen to but rather what the people want. Recently I played an old school house set in St.Moritz and weeks before that was playing hiphop in New York. I like to connect with the fans by really watching their moves, if I am drawing in a crowd I know I am doing it right!

What can we expect from you in the future?

At the moment lots of new music as I am locked up in the studio due to the coronavirus outbreak. Everything is kind of on hold so I can’t really confirm any shows even though I had some incredible stuff locked in….keep an eye on my socials, as soon as I have any news I will be posting on there!

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