Global Network

DMCWORLD checks in with the Parisian duo Loris Sasso and Nils Peschanski as they release their new track ‘Your Love’ from their debut EP ‘Cool Moments’…

Hey Guys! Thanks so much for chatting to us here at DMC. How are you both?

Nils: Hi! It’s our pleasure! I’m fine, with the lockdown here I’m back to my teenage mood, playing video games and learning how to produce ultra-cheesy french trap music.

Loris : Hello, i’m good so far thanks, not always been an easy experience to deal with this confinement if I had to be honest but I guess that’s normal. There’s so much worse going on out there, just can’t complain though.  

For any readers who may not be familiar with your work, can you tell us about your project ‘Global Network?’

Nils: Global network is me and Loris making soulful songs and then twisting them with our analog gear.

Loris : We talk a lot about celebrating life, love, just sharing our experiences and try to make people feel good with our music. 

Global Network - Your Love (Official Video)

Your Love’ is the new electronic single taken from your debut EP ‘Cool Moments’.  What is the inspiration behind the track?

Nils: Your love is the first track we made together, we were just having some night sessions Loris and I talking about our disastrous love stories, drinking beers and making songs, Your love is full of this vibe we had at this time.

Loris : Yeah we had a lot of questions about love and not many answers so… instead of finding answers we just composed this song i guess.  

When producing new music, how do you both work together? Are there any challenges?

Nils: We really are a good team because we always leave space for each other, for example I really like to create new ideas and Loris he’s more the Finisher, so it’s quite smooth, we’re jamming a lot with our gear. For example I’m coming with a new chord progression on my synth and then Loris makes a nice beat with his drum machine and we both try to find a nice melody for the voice.

Loris : We don’t have the exact same skills so it definitely gives us some space to both express ourselves. But what’s good also I think is that we don’t have a lot of ego when we work together so we’re always open to any ideas, changing each other’s part, trying something different if one of us is not feeling the vibe. 

You’ve also released accompanying visuals for ‘Your Love’ which features Loris and an extraterritorial woman in an intergalactic world. How did you guys come up with the idea?

Loris : Nils and I were not even thinking about creating a band together when we composed “Your Love” at that time. It was more about having fun but I loved the track and I sent it to one of my best friends, Anh Phi, who is a video director and lives in Vietnam. I was just like “Dude, listen to this track we made with Nils, what do you think about shooting a music video when I come to visit you ?“ And that’s it, a few months later I was in Vietnam with my friend thinking about ideas for the video. We wanted to tell a love story that takes place in a parallel universe, a love so strong that it makes everything explode at the end. And Wii-Ki – the local digital artist we worked with – imagined the same sort of atmosphere and story so it was a perfect match. 

It’s clear that a lot of amazing work and detail has gone into the video. Can you tell us what the creative process was like when shooting the video?

Loris : It was a lot of work for Wii-Ki to imagine this universe, create all the details and add me in it, it took over a year for her between two jobs to finish it. That was her first music video too so she did amazing. If you wanna see her work :

The shooting session was fun, just me and a green screen. I just remember being scanned for the 3D representation of myself, in a small room, in underwear with five vietnamese guys laughing at me haha. It was a fun experience. 

Can you name a pointless talent that you each have? Any cool party tricks?

Nils: I don’t know if it’s really pointless because sometimes you really need it, but for sure it’s not good for my health, I can eat really really fast and for the party tricks I know a lot of animal jokes.

Loris : Gosh, I can make farts with my hands when I’m washing them? Put my foot behind my head or move my skull in a way that gives the impression only the hair is moving, really useful! Party tricks, I can roll enormous joints so if that’s a laid back party, animal jokes, smoking, good times. 

What can we expect from Global Network in the future?

Nils: We’re going to release our first ep “Cool Moments” on the 22nd of May so pretty exciting ! And after this summer, new songs with a concept of videos that we’re preparing now. And try to go back on stage as soon as possible.

Loris : Yeah that’s it basically, just try to keep having fun and share it with everyone. Make songs we love and maybe open up even more about who we are and what we want to say and share.