Grace May

Grace May is set to release her debut EP ‘L.V.R.’ on May 14, along with the collection’s lead offering ‘Angel’. Much like Grace May’s acclaimed 2019 single ‘Quiet’, ‘Angel’ sees her channel the same rich and vibrant R&B aesthetic that set her apart from the crowd at the very start. Bringing her smooth and enticing vocals atop a broad and atmospheric production throughout, this new release sets the tone of what we can expect from her upcoming debut EP.


Hey Grace! Where in the world are we finding you today?

Hi! I’m currently in Toronto, Canada.

You’re about to release your debut EP L.V.R, what was the creative process like behind the EP, where and how did you record it?

I wrote and recorded the EP in Brooklyn, New York. The night I wrote “Angel”, I had just moved to New York and needed an outlet; something to help me process all the changes I was experiencing: a new city, a new relationship, a new job. I finally went out and bought a keyboard and as soon as I brought it back to my apartment, I wrote “Angel”. The packaging was still on my bed, I don’t even think I used a pedal, but I knew immediately that it would be the first single off an EP that I needed to write. “Rose Coloured” followed shortly after and… here we are.

If it weren’t for L.V.R.’s producer, Charles Myers, the whole EP would probably still just be a voice memo recording on my phone. I brought it to him in the summer of 2019, we clicked pretty much instantly, and with our shared vision for the project, L.V.R. became a reality.

We spent a day in the studio with the band, a day in the studio for vocals, and many many many days after that working to create the perfect blend of live elements vs electronic elements. I owe everything to Charles for being able to interpret my obscure thoughts and turn them into poignant soundscapes.

What music did you grow up listening to? How does this influence your music?

I grew up listening to all types of music, we’d play gospel during the holidays, and classical and opera other days. I remember listening to a lot of Bill Withers, Eva Cassidy and Stevie Wonder. Once I was allowed to use the family computer (nostalgia!!), I started listening to Etta James, Whitney Houston… more great singers. Because these artists had such unique voices, it completely inspired me to find my own sound, and experiment with the different tones of my voice.

What motivates you to create new music?

There are so many things that motivate me to create new music but it all comes down to how it makes me feel. There’s nothing in the world that makes me feel as whole as music does. Creating new music specifically, just continues to fill my soul and fulfill my life. So for me, that’s a pretty big motivator to keep doing it.

Do you have a dedicated creative space, or do you find inspiration wherever you are?

If I’ve got my journal and a pen, I can find inspiration wherever I am. Someone told me once that some of the greatest hits ever written were written on a plane, so that’s now one of my favourite places to write. Once the pandemic is over, I plan to fly, write and play all over the world.

Have you always wanted a music career or were there other areas you were interested in?
Growing up, I of course tossed around ideas of being a pastry chef, interior designer. Professional soccer player at one point. But being a singer was never an idea to be tossed around, it was the dream.

Has lockdown impacted your creativity and productivity as an artist?

As an artist, lockdown was really hard at first for my creativity and productivity. Playing live is one of my greatest joys, especially when I’ve written new material. With people not being able to listen to my music at live shows anymore, I had to find another way of getting it to them. And that was the motivation I needed to release this EP. It’s been an unprecedented and challenging year and as most of us would agree, and there are reasons to be both grateful as well as ungrateful for what’s gone down. For the time that it’s given me to give this EP the love it deserves, I am grateful. And I can’t wait for people to hear it.

Any plans for dropping more music once this EP is out?

There are always plans for dropping more music! Maybe even a full length album…