Today we are pleased to welcome you to our next guest, Grigoré, who has been making a rapid ascent within the MH&T scene and beyond in recent years with releases on the likes of Diynamic and Running Clouds. Adding to this, the rising talent has just made his debut on the UK imprint Renaissance Records with a stunning four-track EP; ‘Deepest Thoughts’ ( We spoke with Grigoré to chat through the EP, enjoy! 


Hey Grigoré, thanks for taking the time to speak to us today! For our readers that may not be familiar with you yet, can you tell us a bit about your sound?

Hi DMC World, thank you for having me for this interview! With my sound I try to not limit myself to one genre. I’m making a wide spectrum of music, it lets me make different things and doesn’t hold me back as the creator that I am. So, in my music you can hear anything from melodic house & techno to indie dance, or from electronica to dry techno sounds from me. 🙂

Your forthcoming EP titled ‘Deepest Thoughts’ features 4 outstanding tracks. Could you tell us a bit about that and take us through the creative process of making the EP? 

Thank you for your feedback! As always, I want to tell a story through the music, and this time it’s a more personal EP. Full of ‘Deepest Thoughts’, I’m discussing past experiences, about moments in my life during dark nights. Sometimes I’m ‘Freezing’ from all these thoughts, full of turmoil. It’s also about ‘Nostalgia’. Sometimes nostalgia is good, but you don’t always want to dive into it. Life for me today is much better.

The EP is being released on the iconic UK imprint Renaissance Records. What does it mean to be releasing on such a renowned label and how did the EP come to find its home on Renaissance?

It’s absolutely incredible to be a part of this historically important label for electronic music. So many great artists have released their music on Renaissance in the past and so many great artists are releasing music today too. I’m so proud to join this list. When I sent music to Renaissance I got a reply in around 2-3 hours explaining that they wanted to release these tracks. It was an amazing feeling!

We’d love to hear about how you first began as an artist, what was it that first inspired you to follow music and how did it lead to where you are today?

It was like an inner signal, like I should try to create something myself and I found this wish in the production of electronic music. The first electronic records that I heard were by The Chemical Brothers, Sasha, Ferry Corsten. “And if it sounds like “computer sounds” that means I can do it via computer?” – the point where it began. Levitation, a bit of coolness and a night-out-vibe – three things that I felt when I listened to electronic music for the first time. It inspired me then and it still inspires me now every time I make music.

How would you describe your style when DJing?

Music to me is all about storytelling. As a DJ I tell a story full of emotions. A story which lets you dance and not think about anything; to live in the moment.

Do you have any favorite pieces of equipment in the studio? Were there any key pieces used on the Deepest Thoughts EP

I have a few hardware synths, so I tried to use their full power in the tracks from the EP as much as possible. Especially in the title track “Deepest Thoughts”; I used the Korg Minilogue XD for the main lead sound. A crazy number of modulations that you can hear there. To do this, I used an additional software program, so it allowed me to use more effects, like 4-5 knobs working at the same time. I used the Minilogue in ‘Nostalgia’ for the levitation-like chords sound and for the ambient stuff in ‘Dark Of The Night’ as well. Also, in almost all the tracks I used the Model D by Behringer for additional bass sounds (like groovy supporters, effects, stabs & etc), this synthesizer sounds very powerful

Great to chat with you today Grigoré. To round off, is there anything else upcoming from yourself soon for us to look out for?

Yes, for sure, I have a few EP’s & remixes in my pocket, but at this time let’s keep it a secret. More unexpected things are coming. 😊 Stay tuned! 


Grigoré ‘Deepest Thoughts EP’ is out 25th March on Renaissance Records

Pre-order it here: