Henry Fong

DMCWORLD grabs a world exclusive with Henry Fong as he looks back on the release of his huge collab with SAYMYNAME….


How did the ‘Ragga Rave’, your latest release and collaborative effort with SAYMYNAME, come about?

I was making a follow up to my song ‘rave tool’ and felt like it need a bass music touch to it so I thought to send it over to SAYMYNAME because he was one of the first big supporters of my song Rave tool!

What’s your typical production process like when making new music?

I really like starting with samples…old vocal acapellas or world music is my favorite! Lately I have just been making drums first though

What are you most looking forward to about finally being able to play live shows again?

I cannot wait to start travel again, it was my main source of inspiration for my music and how I get a lot of global sounds in my music

What aspects of your immediate surroundings in Los Angeles creatively inspire you in your day-to-day?

Usually going to the beach and surfing help. Its like a mini adventure in itself and its only about 30 min drive from my house! Have to spend time in nature and stay grounded.

Where are your favorite surf spots?

Haha you already knew the next question! Rincon, Point Dume and 56th street Newport are my favorites!

What’s been a rewarding aspect of your DJ/producer career so far?

I honestly just love when other djs play my songs out and people dance, its simple and rewarding but thats why I started doing this!

Where and how do you see your unique signature sound progressing over the next few years?

Lately I’ve dug into a lot of the UK dance subgenres like garage and jungle, so many cool sounds and grooves in all those styles.

What’s your favorite genre of electronic dance music to listen to?

In my spare time Ragga/Jungle DnB and house for sure!

What’s it like having your very-own imprint, Banzai Records?

It’s been amazing to put out some heavily supported records of the years, now it’s primarily focused on getting my self released independent records working well. Its very powerful to own your own masters these days!

What can fans and listeners expect from Henry Fong moving into the remainder of 2021 and beyond?

An absolute onslaught of club bangers!!!! Then maybe some funky summer house tunes too!