Following the remarkable international outpouring of love for his latest charity single and music video project Mad World, Israeli DJ, producer and label head HEVI LEVInow readies his second solo project of 2023, with theannouncement of his brandnew single Moon. The offering is joined by a string of remixes from 2BAnnounced, Amir Telem, Shiku, Ten Walls and TOMBOYZ.Alongside the fresh release, HEVI LEVI launches the pre-sale of his newly designed ‘Mad World’ T-shirts; an extension of his charitable single to aid those affected by the war in Ukraine…


DMCWORLD grabs a world exclusive…

Congratulations on the release of your Moon EP. What has the feedback been like so far on the single and remixes?

Thanks a lot, the feedback has been amazing from industry leaders and from my listeners, both on the music and the diversity of the remixes that allows almost any electronic DJ to find his favourite. The media is hugging it and pushing it – feels good.

What’s your studio set up like? Any favourite pieces of gear we should know about?

My Studio is hybrid with both digital and analog tools. Lately I have been making a lot of my sound analog. I have my Kontact Komplete keyboard alongside my 808 Roland drum machines, some more Roland synths and my personal favourite, the Moog Subsequent 37.

Let’s go back and touch on how you first started in the industry. How did you get into music and what are some of the stand-out moments from your career so far?

Inside of me there is a geek, I have 2 masters in mathematics and computer science but my passion is people and the happiness I can bring to them. Music is my means of distribution. Many DJs will remember their huge shows as stand-out moments. I’ve played in some of the biggest festivals/raves/clubs but my top moment would probably be playing one of my older tracks (Save Me From Falling) and on the break I took the volume all the way down and 50K people sang the chorus with me.

What are some of the more significant shifts you’ve noticed across the House and Techno circuits in your time?

Well I feel we are about to witness a big change. Nowadays Techno / House is becoming more and more mainstream, I feel that a change is coming, things will go more minimal and less melodic in the underground industry and a lot of Techno / House DJs of today will go towards a more pop-leaning sound.

And in terms of touring, what have you got lined up over the summer?

This summer I’ll be in Ibiza, Rome, Amsterdam, Portugal, Tel Aviv  🙂 and I hope many more.

What is the local scene like in Tel Aviv?

It’s hot, a lot of parties, festivals, big names are coming and even small venues are booking international names. Tel Aviv is the best city in the world.

Can you tell us a bit about your imprint Joy Records and what other releases you have on the horizon?

Joy is my baby, it’s the lab where we built our own industry, we started on a bench on TLV beach and now we have 3 studios, 17 DJS and 6 producers. We make our own parties, we have our own DJ School, we have an R&D team that develops our tools and apps. As for the releases, we have them ready to release from today till October 2023, 4 releases per month, with some mesmerising music from our artists and big name guests.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music? How do you spend your down-time?

I don’t have time for down-time NO SLEEP, the times that I don’t make music I spend with my family and I kickbox a lot, I was Israel’s heavyweight champion when I was younger lol.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! Where can our readers keep up with your new music and gigs?

Thanks for having me, my team update my socials on an hourly basis but the best way to stay updated is my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hevilevi/


HEVI LEVI–MoonEP is out now via Joy Records