Congratulations dude on a historic win on Saturday! First things first, how did you celebrate?

Thank you so much! Absolutely so happy right now! Was driving from Brighton to Leeds (UK) for a gig with my friend. We pulled over at a random carpark to watch the finals. Straight after drove to the gig which turned out to be an amazing packed out rave with multiple rooms each hosting a different genre of underground bass music! I was headlining the Drum & Bass room. It was packed! The crowd were amazing! Had one of the best gigs mixing and scratching D&B on a load sound system to a perfect crowd!

It goes without saying that 2021 is your year, winning not one but three titles after walking away with the World, the Team with DJ Angelo and the BREXecutioners and our first ever DMC Beat Juggling Championship too. When did the preparation begin for this year’s Finals and how did you approach these different competitions? Were you confident?

As soon as I saw the DMC categories announced, I had a long think & made a plan… I immediately started working on the Beat Juggle battle & called up Angelo (below) to convince him to battle with me in the teams! We originally wanted Mr Switch to join us too, but he had too much going on. The Beat Juggle battle prep was hard, I really pushed myself, trying to be original with speed. The Teams was 4 weeks on and off intense hard work, luckily Angelo is a genius! & between us, we had no shortage of ideas. The Main final solos were the most difficult. I had some ideas, but wasn’t confident on the time frame…also was busy touring, Doing on TV with the ISL (International Swimming League). I spent 2 weeks nonstop in the studio without any breaks, little sleep & harshly passed on most of the chore’s to my amazing gf.. then flew out to Eindhoven (Netherlands) with some equipment & spent every moment of free time in the hotel room trying to finish off & film the routine. Due to the judging of these events being totally subjective of art, I wasn’t at all confident…but just didn’t want to give up!

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Some artists revel in the atmosphere and nerves of a live competition where you can smell the excitement in the air. You seem to love the online version though – what are the pros and cons of online for you? 

I absolutely miss the live competition ! & hope it returns soon! The pros are being able to film as many times as time allows b4 the deadline, which allows a much higher level of skills! The cons are not having the crowd and energy to perform in the moment! Sometimes you make good mistakes in this scenario. The biggest thing for me was not being able to hang out with friends and legends!

Watching all of this year’s competitions has thrown up some incredible new turntablists. Who has caught your eye in 2021, who did you fear?

I fear no one! But I admire them all!

K Swizz was my favourite this year!

Precision got robbed of a top 3!

Buruaaaa is just crazy awesome!

But honestly all of them are dope!

Who were your inspirations growing up from our amazing art of deck wizardry?

Absolutely everyone ! But Mainly Craze & Mixmaster Mike

What is your favourite set by another DJ ever and what do you think is your greatest ever set you have performed in the public eye?

If I had to just pull one out, I would say Kentaro 2002 World Winning routine is the most memorising! My greatest set… I dunno so many fun ones… I’m not happy with my performance’s yet.. Too much room for improvement.

Always nice before Christmas, the prizes from Pioneer DJ, Technics and Rane were a veritable treasure trove. Whilst all sponsors were magnificently generous this year you must welcome the $5,000 courtesy of Virtual DJ, when you’ve finished playing around with all the new equipment, what will you spend the cash on?

Thank you so much Virtual DJ!!! Myself and my gf are going to buy a caravan trailer to do up & go traveling with our dogs! I am definitely setting up some decks in there!

The new DMC comps have breathed new life into the Championships. Where though do you think turntablism is heading?

It’s heading to infinity & beyond!! There’s absolutely no argument now that the Turntable is a real instrument, technology & humans are getting better & better.. Its time Turntablism heads to the spotlight !

You just mentioned him! Bururaaaa was awarded this year’s Wild Card entry to the Finals. His performance was met with applause and controversy, what did you think of his style?

I absolutely love his style! He’s one of the most unique.. F**k the controversy Bururaaaa, You are super dope! I wish you all the best & hope you continue to compete in the DMC’s

And finally, 2022 and a fresh year is upon us. And the big question is, will JFB be stepping up to defend his tiiiiiiiiiiitles…?

Nah… That’s me done…. Maybe…