Idriss D

2022 marks the 16th anniversary of the esteemed Memento Records, headed up by a true stalwart of the dance music scene, Idriss D.  Known for his unique style, Idriss D is a versatile artist who’s held down long-standing residencies at venues such as Cocoricò Riccione and Amnesia Milano. Idriss looks to celebrate 16 years running his prominent Memento imprint with 16 shows in 16 cities in various locations. They also have a string of amazing releases kicking off with a super-slick 4 track EP from the talented DJ Rocca. DMCWORLD decided it was time to grab five with the main man Idriss…


Idriss a huge welcome to DMC. Tell us what you have been up to over the last year?

Hello guys! As everyone else, I have been hoping to get out from this pandemic disaster. I was working on music, digging and with my team too develop new things in my company.

How did you keep busy / sane throughout the pandemic? Did you miss the touring or enjoy the time off? 

It was really hard, it still is because we are coming back slowly on track with the fear if… sharing moments with the people..playing music …yes was really hard to loose what I used to do every weekend.

Do you think there has been any changes in the scene because of it? What has been your experience of the return to clubs / festivals?

My first shows were really strange, when I restarted playing the rules were still dancefloor… so the vibe was missing. Then the clubs were half empty due to the capacity restrictions. Then people were afraid to avoid getting Covid. I think hopefully we are on the right way, but it needs time as… covid lockdown sends us to bed already at 10pm … so we need to get back into the non- stop rave attitude 🙂

Your label Memento marks it’s 16th year this year, that’s a huge achievement! What are the key things to running a successful label?

Yes it is a great year thank god. Thanks to our supporters, artists and followers. I do this first of all for the passion I have to the music hours working non stop has the goal to do my best in delivering what I think is a good level. I’m not a hype follower… I just follow my experience and heart.

What is your A&R strategy like? What do you look for and how do you sign new artists?

I don’t collect demos… I prefer to give the priority to the people I have around. And to avoid making external people wait for my feedbacks or a release date. I guess the secret is to be avant gardist as much we can… to avoid what the market offers… it’s a risk yes..but that’s how I think. You can check all memento releases… I can go from jungle… it’s music first to DJs ..and a DJ for me if he plays long sets needs material.

Tell us about some of the releases you have coming up on the imprint?

We just released DJ Rocca then coming is a Howie b + Luciano remix, Chicago gang with DJ Pierre and crew, the great Adamski, Ftg and Steb and Dino Lenny.

Who are 3 up and coming artists that you’re enjoying at the moment?

Producers: Mehdi M, Latinoz, Diaz ++++   DJs: Leila Moon and Alessandro Borio.

What are 3 tracks that are always essential in your sets?

Artists whose productions I always play are Luciano ( since 2003 ), Xpress2 and Carl Craig.

What would you like to see change about the industry and why?

Hmmm… DJs more into the music and less into the gossip… more digging… more responsibility. I see tracks in videos and posts, all the same kick, drops. I’ll not say more solidarity between artists because it’s a ring and I understand as each one fights for his own interests… but we need to fight with quality… not with steroids.

What are your goals for 2022 and beyond?

Same as usual… working 16 hours a day, focus on my digging and gigs, memento..db artists. Since last summer I have been running a new project with my long time friend Luciano – a beach club in Italy called Playa Boho Riccione …ah also one very important thing : I am getting married in May 🙂

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