Jacq & Phonix

Jacq teams up with duo Phonix and vocalist SJ Johnson to deliver ‘I Feel Good’, a heady house groove on Toolroom Trax.  We sat down with them to find out more about the record and the talent behind this anthem.

Congrats guys to all of you on ‘I Feel Good’, a great collaboration on a great label in Toolroom Trax – tell us how did this collaboration come about?

Phonix:  The collaboration came about after we met on a night out at Cream in Liverpool earlier this year and we ended up going to the Toolroom event in Liverpool together also. We had arranged to get in the studio together and it all happened from there, after a discussion over a lot of beer and messiness.

What was the inspiration behind ‘I Feel Good’?

Phonix:  The inspiration behind “I Feel Good” was really to blend both Phonix and Jacq’s sounds and create something housed with the tough driving Jacq sound, originally the track was made as an instrumental with the idea to get a vocal on it at some point.

What was the collaborative process when making this track?

Phonix:  For this track Jacq came over to my studio in Liverpool and we did maybe two or three sessions, knocking up some ideas for a project. We eventually came up with a few really good tracks, “I Feel Good” being the first of many collabs we have got in the pipeline ready to be sent out to labels in the new year.

We’re noticing more and more vocal tracks since the pandemic, is this something you guys plan on doing more of too? 

Phonix:  I think the reason behind the more vocal tracks is, I’d assume artists are making tracks more suited for streaming as there are no events to play full on dance floor bangers.

Leading on from the last question, are there any bucket list vocalists / artists you would like to work with?

Phonix:  There are a number of artists out there I would love to get involved with, Martin Ikin is on fire at the moment, I absolutely love his sound. However vocalist wise I would love to do a track with Laura Davie & DJ Rae. I love both their vocals and writing.

Now time to find out a little more about the people behind the record…This one’s for Phonix:  You’ve got to pick six people to party with at an after party, dead or alive – who are they?



Nile Rogers

John Lennon

Dixie Dean

Paul Gascoigne

What three items are always with you when you go away on holiday or on tour?


MacBook, headphones and sunscreen!


Phone, portable studio and headphones.

What is in the pipeline for 2021 for all of you?

JACQ:  I have a few secret projects (watch this space)!!! Releases with Wh0 Plays Records coming soon. Collabs with Phonix throughout 2021.

I have bookings for gigs!!! A few festivals over the summer, all being well!!!

Relaunching our Liverpool based event and residency for ‘In The Box’ , as soon as possible

Phonix:  2021 we’re hoping things get back to normal again on the events scene and we can get back to DJing out to crowds. It has been a hard year for everyone involved this year so we’re hoping we can all go to a rave again soon.

We have a couple of bookings in place for 2021, fingers crossed these actually go ahead this time.

Then on the music production front, we have a couple more tracks together with Jacq, one which is ready to go and the others need a few tweaks. Myself and SJ have also three tracks on the go at the moment, which should be complete in the coming weeks.

Thanks for taking the time out to speak with us guys and have a good Christmas and lets hope 2021 brings us all more joy than 2020 right!?

Thanks for having us guys. It’s been a pleasure chatting to you and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Jacq, Phonix ft SJ Johnson ‘I Feel Good’ is out on Toolroom Trax on Friday 4th December, 2020 – purchase and streaming links below:

Buy / Stream here >>> https://toolroom.lnk.to/IFeelGoodAS