Toolroom House Party Vol. 6 – Jaded Interview

Toolroom have updated their popular House Party series just in time for the summer with a choice selection of some of the freshest new music out there right now. Containing 70 brand new tracks and 3 exclusive DJ mixes, ‘House Party Vol. 6‘ is a must have for DJ’s looking to get the Toolroom sound into their mixes. Including records from some of the hottest acts in the scene right now such as KC LightsDombreskyFlashmobDanny HowardLeftwing:KodyTechnasiaMaxinneMartin IkinA-TrakEli & FurMeleDavid Jackson & more.  The album also includes 3 exclusive DJ mixes from Sllash & DoppeJadedPaige & Nihil Young as well as exclusive tracks from Alaia & GalloAngel HerediaCheyne ChristianDJ PPEkoboyFedrico AmbrosiLEFTI and Monkeye. DMCWORLD grab five with Jaded trio for the lowdown…


Hey Jaded! Welcome to DMC World!! How are you all doing and where in the world are you right now??

Yoo, happy to be taking part – we are all in our studios in West London patiently waiting for clubs to open!

Your latest release ‘All I Need’ is out now on Toolroom’s ‘House Party Vol. 6’ Compilation and you’re also one of the exclusive guest mixers on the album! Tell us how that came about and what inspired the track?

Yep it’s an honour to be back on Toolroom and this time on the compilations mixing duties is extra special. ‘All I Need’ was actually an old track we revamped and cut the majority of the vocal in favour of the big hook with some beef underneath it.

Album link :

How did you all meet and what made you want to write music together collectively?

We met each other at our studio block where we each had recording space, we frequently hit up London clubs like Turnmills & The End together and then bonded making beats at the after-parties back at the block!

Talk to us a bit about growing up in London, what was the music scene like when you were younger and how has it changed since then?

London has always been a cultural melting pot of sounds, even between us there’s Iranian, Italian and Jamaican heritage. During the 00s London’s legendary clubs were shutting and being replaced with flats, so we turned to the warehouse parties where techno has always reigned supreme. At the same time, there was a lot more EDM infecting the airwaves but it’s now exciting to see kids have adopted techno at an early age and have a real feel for it which has impacted the cities new sound, so it’s starting to feel like the early Jaded days again!

You’ve all had a pretty crazy career so far, from remixing Paul McCartney to releasing killer records on Dirty Bird, Black Butter and Toolroom! What has been a highlight so far for each of you?

After our debut release on Black Butter we were offered to play the Warehouse Project in Manchester which was an unforgettable moment for all of us.

Which one of you is most likely to forget to bring their USB to a gig, leave the club early or drink too much?

Teo 100% – he can to a degree hold his drink but has the ability to get up and roll out haha…

They say that the best things come in threes, what are the three best things about Jaded?

We make bangers for the streets, always keep it casual and sexy (lol) and Nari is a trained pharmacist so we have that rash that’s been bothering you covered.

Describe what Jaded means to you as a music collective in 3 words?

Alternative House Legends 

Who are your top 3 Electronic artists you can’t stop listening to right now?

Nari: TSHA

Teo: Logic1000 

Jordan : Vintage Culture 

What are your go-to records to get the dance floor moving?

Anything by Mele, he is on fire right now.

Do you have any tips and advice for aspiring artists and producers out there? Any positive messages or motivational bits of advice you want to share with them and the #ToolroomFamily?

Finishing is everything.