Kevin Corral

Kevin Corral is an artist that has continued to rise in recent times with a steady flow of releases coming on the likes of Sola, Materialism, Roush Label and more, as well as on his own co-run label Paranoia Music. Most recently, Kevin appeared on ‘New Beginnings’, the latest compilation to come from Solardo’s Sola imprint. With this in mind and a number of exciting releases in the pipeline, DMCWORLD are very excited to be speaking with Kevin Corral today…

Hello Kevin! Great to have you with us today. First off, how are you doing and whereabouts are you based currently? 

Thank you for having me!. I’m very good, thank you. Currently, I’m living in the town where I was born, near Valencia in Spain. Although soon, I’ll move to Mexico.

So recently you have made a welcomed return to Sola Records with your track ‘Yeso’ featuring on Sola’s ‘New Beginnings’ compilation. It’s a big track and an awesome compilation! Can you tell us a little bit about the track and how it found its home on the label? 

Thanks a lot! This is my fourth release with Sola, and I have to say, it continues to be very exciting. It’s a great compilation with very good artists. About the track, I decided to change my style a bit on this one, and tried to do something different. I send music to Mark regularly, and you never know for sure that he might like it. But in the last demo pack, he liked one of them!

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What was the creative process like for this track when you made it and did you get to try it out in the clubs before the pandemic began?

About the creative process, I tried to make a change in my style for this one. I usually use female vocals for my songs, but this time I chose hip hop vocals instead. From the first moment, I had the idea of making a loop with one of the voices and having it repeat throughout the entire track. Unfortunately, I made this track during lockdown and haven’t had a chance to test it on the dancefloor yet.

What music inspired you the most growing up? And what about now also?

I have always tried to listen to many musical genres. A lot of Hip Hop, R&B and Rock from the 60’s and 70’s. But, the music that has always inspired me the most has been R&B, using many such vocals in my tracks. Currently, I still listen to the same music as mentioned and I also listen to the latest Tech House releases and other genres like Pop.

How are the current circumstances regarding the pandemic where you are based and how are they affecting the music scene there?

Unfortunately, in the area where I live, the restrictive measures are currently very hard. Right now, the clubs are closed.

So last year marked the beginning of your label Paranoia Music. Congrats on that! There have been some super strong releases on the label so far from the likes of yourself, Yungness & Jaminn, Jordan Allinor and more. What has the experience been like so far running the label? 

Yes, it has been a year full of massive releases. We’ve had some really good artists from the scene, with really solid tunes. Together, with the other label owners Brandon Caballero and Jordan Allinor, we have worked to achieve some strong releases!

What’s in store for Paranoia Music this year? 

This year we will continue to have great artists on the label, with forthcoming releases from Alvaro Smart, M.F.S Observatory, Freedomb and many others. We are also going to have new talents like Ilya Verano with a really solid EP. We still have slots available, and we are listening demos to close future releases this year.

What else can we hope to see from yourself this year too?

On 26th March, my track “East Coast” will be released on the Repopulate Stars compilation by Repopulate Mars. I also have releases on the way with South of Saturn, Observatory Music and Paranoia. 

Thank you for chatting with us today Kevin! Best wishes to you for the year ahead! 

Thank you for having me!