Laydee V

Laydee V follows up the Overdrive remixes earlier this year with her highly anticipated new Deep End EP via her own label Platform 7even, which celebrates its 6th year this summer. Having been championed by Richie Hawtin, Danny Tenaglia, Eats Everything, Butch and many more, plus signings to Mihalis Safras and DJ Wady’s imprints, Laydee V’s years as an industry insider inspired her to do it alone, founding Platform 7even. Since then, she’s gone on to release gems like Symbiosis, Get Down, Gravity, and now Deep End the EP with plenty more still in the works. DMCWORLD dives in…

Hey Laydee V, thanks so much for chatting to us here at DMC. For any readers who don’t know who you are, can you explain a bit more about yourself and how you got where you are?

Good afternoon DMC, thank you for having me. I hope you and your readers are doing ok, despite the circumstances! I am originally from the Czech Republic, and I have started spinning at clubs in London in 2010 which led me to play at venues such as Ministry Of Sound, White House, The Egg, Pacha.I also had a chance to play internationally  at Afterhills Festival in Romania, Mamaia Beach, New York, Chile, Milan, Mexico, San Francisco, Ibiza…

As you mentioned, you’re originally from the Czech Republic. What can you tell us about the music scene over there?

I believe the Czech music scene is getting better and better. There’s something happening all the time, underground parties are becoming more diverse and popular, especially in Prague. When I was growing up it was all about trance and drum & bass, but now the sound is more diverse with interesting headliners and long opening hours.

How would you describe your music? Are there any artists you would say your style matches up to?

I would describe my sound as minimal/deep house, stripped back, but I also produce techno.I honestly don’t know who I would say matches my style, I guess it would depend on a track!

Is there anyone you’d dream of collaborating with?

I would love to collaborate with Carl Cox, he is a legend and he seems to be such a lovely man. Also I love Rich NXT’s production, some of the elements he comes up with are just insane.

You’ve just released your Deep End EP on Platform 7even, what can you tell us about the EP?

My latest EP Laydee V – Deep End on my label Platform 7even is a minimal/deep tech EP with 4 remixes from some of my favourite minimal producers: MeeT, Mr. Fowks, Cat Black and Domi Pl who have given the track their own deep groovy spin.

Can you explain a bit more about Platform 7even? 

After releasing music for Mihalis Safras and DJ Wady’s imprints, I have decided to start my own label. I am quite impatient and I did not like to wait for the label’s response to my music. Most of the major and middle sized labels get so many demos, and they don’t listen to most of them.

The aim of my label Platform 7even is to be a platform for up and coming and established producers from around the globe. The main focus is deep house, techno with minimal influences to create the cutting edge of underground sound. In the beginning I released one EP every other week, but in the past few months I have started releasing music regularly every Monday. Our release schedule is booked 6 months in advance. We also had a label showcase planned for April 19th in East London, but that had to be postponed indefinitely.

My labels Platform 7even and PL7 are going from strength to strength, which I am really happy about. PL7 will be 4 years old next month and Platform 7even will celebrate 6 years in August. I am very grateful for the support of our music from Richie Hawtin, Danny Tenaglia, Eats Everything, Butch and many more.

What else does the future hold for Laydee V?

The future is hopefully bright! I was invited to play in Ibiza, New York and France this summer, but that will most likely won’t happen, unless the circumstances change. Production wise I have a lot of new music coming up. My next track Laydee V – Rise Up will be the 300th release on my label Platform, due to be out April 27th on Beatport, so I am very excited about that….