The Italian electronic scene has been bubbling lately with some incredible talent and none more so than Turin based Luigi Rocca. The self-made producer, 303Loverslabel boss and global DJ has forged a successful career circumnavigating the globe performing at some of the world’s most renowned and best-loved parties. His new single ‘Careless’ is the perfect summer House groove, DMC dives in…

Tell us about your most recent release Careless – was it a long process or more of a spontaneous outpour of ideas?

This collaboration was born few months ago when I met Alain Diamond (drummer of Materianera) and we decided to collaborate mixing 2 different worlds: the club scene and the soft electronic  sound of the band. Yendry (singer) tried to follow the flow with her voice without singing in a traditional or set up way, this is how the concept of careless come out: not paying enough attention in what we do and try to let things go.

Do you generally like to take your time when creating new tracks or do you prefer to work under pressure?

I definitely prefer to be relaxed. When I create music I feel more like a means than a source, so at times there’s something good coming, other times something not as good, it takes the necessary time. 

What other releases by you should we be looking out for in 2019?

For the second part of the year I’m going to focus back on 303Lovers. One EP has just been released, it’s called “Love Shots” and with this one, I went more on my minimal and deep tech side, the second one will be in September and is made in collab with my mate RUDE, with a remix by Oscar L, one of the artists I love most. Plus, I’m working on a collab with John Acquaviva, but we are still road testing the tracks.

What does a typical day at work look like for you when you are not touring? Are you an organized individual?

My studio is literally in the same room where I sleep (not for long as I’m moving in with my girlfriend in September, but we will remain in the same building). So I get up, have a coffee and go straight to my Mac to do some music stuff. I prefer doing the creative part in the morning and leave the label management for the afternoon, I feel more creative in the early morning.

What country do you currently call home?

Definitely Italy, my Love, almost all my friends and my memories are in Turin and I love to live here!

Can you remember the first DJ set you played? Did it go well?

Yes, I remember well that night, it was in 2003 and I was scared as hell. I was playing with vinyls at that time and I wasn’t even able to put the needle on cause my hands were shaking so much! But at the end it went well and I got the residency in that club for the whole season.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career?

Apart from the charts and having tracks being played by lot of great djs the thing which has really been amazing for me was playing for the first time at the Space Ibiza. As a clubber, I listened to so many legends there and being able to play from that console was really a dream coming true for me.

What were you doing before becoming a full time music artist? Was there ever a time where you may have chosen a different career path?

Before becoming a full time music artist I studied economics and I got my degree, but I was studying just to make my parents happy and quiet, as they were not ready to understand my plans yet! I never thought abut working in other fields. When I got my university bachelor degree the first tour came in, and I got involved full time in the music, but back then I was expecting to spend 2 more years at university!

Where can we catch you playing this summer?

This summer I’m going to play in UK, Austria, Thailand, Portugal, Egypt, Turkey and I’m doing some gigs around Italy, together with my buddy Rude plus others TBA!

Is there anyone who has always supported your career and given you the confidence to keep going no matter what?

For sure I have to thank my 2 label mates Manuel De La Mare and Alex Kenji, they helped me a lot at the beginning.But apart from that I had no support at all from my parents or other people. Sometimes in my life I’ve had difficult moments, I’ve wondered whether maybe I should start doing something else, but every time this thought was burnt and erased by the fire inside of me which is too strong. I wake up in the morning and I need to create music, that’s what I love.

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