Mark Roma

Mark has lived and breathed dance music his entire life, now carving his mark on the scene with a dark take on electronic house, daring to push this style back into the limelight. ‘The Realm’ is his debut on DOORN, hot on the heels of the huge ’Subsonic Bass’ which hit No1 in Beatport’s psy-trance charts. Sometimes you just want to give yourself over to a huge tune, the seductive compulsion of the build and the break, the frantic power of insistent bass and super-speed synths. DMCWORLD checks in for a world exclusive…

Hi Mark, great to have you with us on DMC World. How are you finding this whole current situation – are you finding the pandemic is helping or hindering your creativity?

Hey thanks for having me! Personally I have found that this whole pandemic situation to have allowed me to spend even more time and focus on creating more music than ever. I have no more excuses like going to the bar for a beer to prevent me from creating haha! I do miss playing out to a crowd though, hopefully it will not be too long before we can all get together and rave again.

Something amazing to come this year for you though is this debut on DOORN. ‘The Realm’ has just dropped and it’s an absolutely thunderous cut. Taking no prisoners! This is only your second release, right?

Thank you so much! Yes it’s my second release ever and it still seems crazy to me to be signed to one of my dream labels already at this stage in my career. I am so pleased and proud to be part of the DOORN team and I have had a good start already with the release with lots of support from huge DJ’s like Tiesto, Blasterjaxx and Morten.

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Where did the name ‘The Realm’ come from?

The name came from the feeling that the breakdown gives me, like a feeling of flying over a mountain range or over an ocean giving a feeling of elation. I’m a huge lover of trance and love to incorporate some in most tracks I create so that was the aim to give a huge euphoric flying feeling.

Has it taken you long to establish this sound, does it come naturally to you? Or how have you evolved as you’ve been producing?

I actually love to produce a variety of genres so I try to combine more than one into the same track to create fresh sounds and styles. At first made the mistake of trying to fit into one genre such only electro, or only trance or progressive. Now though, I make what feels right and what sounds good to me, which is usually a combination of big emotional breakdowns and then really hard-hitting, ravey drops!

This is your DOORN debut but you had another successful release this year right? Tell us about it…

Yes it is. My first release came out in May this year called Subsonic Bass which was a psy trance track but still had my Mark Roma acid sound. Being focused during lockdown allowed me to really polish it off and it reached number one in the psy trance charts on beatport which was amazing. Now that I am also singed to DOORN which is a dream label of mine, I am more motivated than ever!

What’s next for Mark Roma?

My goals for the future are to continue developing the Mark Roma sound as I don’t like to fit just one style or genre, I like to fuse and blend genres so if I can continue doing that and be successful then I am a happy. Once we are out of the covid crisis, my ultimate goal is to begin playing at fesitvals, especially Creamfields which is local to me and my favourite. My ultimate goal is to one day play at the mainstage there!