Today we catch up with one of the most talked about dance artists coming out of Denmark at the moment, Martin Jensen who’s recognised for singles, ‘Solo Dance’, ’Nobody’ and more recently new single ‘Louder’. We chat everything from switching releasing between pop and club-focused records, riding mountains in Mexico and his tour life in the Summer

Welcome to DMC World, Martin Jensen, how are you?

I am excellent! At the moment I am in the Maldives shooting a music video for my upcoming single coming out on the fourth of October.

As producer and an artist, who and what inspires you?

When I started, I was inspired by Martin Garrix a lot because he was so young and not really into the EDM scene that much. But lately not as much anymore. Lately I’ve really been inspired by The Chainsmokers because they’re more into my land since they’re producing pop singles as well as doing some hard tracks like me. And I’m really excited to see how they’re changing the EDM perspective. So yeah I’m really inspired by The Chainsmokers at the moment.

You’ve come out of a huge summer with plenty of live shows such as Hullaballoo, Airbeat One and London’s South West Four festival, how have these been and have the shows been stepping up since previous years?

Oh yeah, this year I’ve been very lucky because I’ve been super busy – a lot of travel across Asia and the US. So yeah, super busy but it’s been amazing to travel the world and play for all these people out there. So yeah I’m just happy the bookers and the promoters are still excited about me.

You’ve travelled a lot this year with shows including Germany to Asia and also the UK, any juicy travel story you could share with us?

Uummmmmm….. we actually had a really really fun trip to Mexico. We went out and drove some quad cars in the mountains. It was super super fun. We went to the middle of nowhere where I’ve never heard so much silence. So it’s not really juicy, it’s kind of dry but it was super exciting to get those experiences.

Where in the world can we expect to find Martin Jensen next?

So I’m actually going to Asia for a three week tour now. And then I am off to Europe for a little bit and then back to Asia and then in November I’m doing a 7 week US tour and then ending the year in Asia. I’m performing every weekend from now on.

Martin Jensen – Louder

Tell us about your latest single “Louder”.. its a clear departure from The Vamps and James Arthur collaborations, is this club sound you’re looking to experiment with more?

I’ve done a lot of those club tracks lately and also my remixes are a bit harder. So yeah there’s two sides of me, I have my club releases and I have my pop releases. Louder is especially made for my shows. So when I go out there and I drop it people go crazy. Like ‘Rubber Bands’ I did with Timmy Trumpet and a lot of the tracks I have coming up the rest of the year are club tracks as well. My next radio single will be released in the fall – fourth of October.

You’ve worked with a range of different artists including Timmy Trumpet and James Arthur, how have you found writing music with different genres of artists?

Oh, so much fun! It’s a lot of work because both of those names are touring a lot and to schedule everything is really hard but it’s a fun thing to try!

Could you share with us a fact that fans and readers may not expect about you?

I love dogs.

What’s next for Martin Jensen?

I think I have said that – the new single, 4th of October.

Lastly what are 5 big tunes you can share with our readers this weekend…

They would be…

Rubber Bands
My brand new single ‘I Could Get Used To This’ that’s coming out in a bit …and a few unreleased ID’s to get the crowd excited for.