Miguel Campbell

A firm favourite on the worldwide house scene since the early 90s, DMC checks in with the main man as he teams up with fellow northern don Jimmy Switch to present our dancefloors with a two track release of classic and future thinking sounds – all harnessed by their contrasting styles…

Miguel a huge welcome back to DMCWORLD. This is your first release with Jimmy, how did the collab come about?

Thanks for having me back! Jimmy and I used to bump into each other all the time when we were out and about in Ibiza. We would also see each other every now and again in the UK. Jimmy came to support me at one of my shows in London which led to us speaking about our music. I have always felt that it is important to know a person and understand who they are and what their art is trying to acheive before deciding wether or not to collaborate. As we both live in the North Of England, it is relatively easy for us to connect in the studio and so the collaboration was born.

The release shows aspects of both your individual sounds, tell us, how was it working with Jimmy in the studio? 

It is always a pleasure to work with Jimmy in the studio and we always have a really good energy whilst doing so. Of course we both have our individual styles and these styles come with their own strengths and weaknesses. The path of discovery is something that has led the two of us to having so much fun whilst working on music together. Trying new things in new ways by combining our production processes, yields fascinating results, often comically good!

What music is inspiring you these days? (and has it changed much since you started making music?)

When I began making music, I took my inspiration from producers in the ‘French Touch’ scene. Guys like Daft Punk, Cassius & Etienne de Crecy were making the kind of records that I wanted to make. This style of music is tough to replicate and get just right due to the dynamics and modules used, however, in my attempts, I came up with my own way of doing things and this became my signature sound. My main inspiration these days comes from my memories of moments in time and the music and feelings associated with those recollections.

Your label, Outcross Records has seen some brilliant releases over the years. Have you given any thought to how you’ll celebrate its 15th birthday?

Thank you, that’s kind of you to say. You are correct, next year will be the 15th Anniversary for Outcross Records. We launched in Leeds and so it will be fitting to have a celebration party in our hometown. We will also throw a big party in Ibiza towards the end of the season. We will also be doing our annual music giveaway on the day.

How do you like to approach production and what’s your favourite gear to use?

My approach to music production has changed a lot over the last few years. Whilst I continue with a somewhat formulaic system for what I do, I have been exploring my equipment more and trying new ways of hooking it all together. Creating sounds in ways that are new to me has been keeping the process fun and generally has been my starting point. Once I have something that I like, I go back to my usual way of doing things and put it all together.

Evidently lifes normalities are disrupted right now, what’s a day in your life looking like at the moment?

At the moment, I am waking up as soon as the birds start singing and I enter the studio first thing to spend the first part of my day creating new music ideas. I like to go out on my bike in the afternoons to take time away from things as I spend almost every waking hour in the studio. I have been enjoying using my kitchen more and doing a spot of gardening. I listen to Reggae music in my spare time also but honestly, I’m doing over 12 hours per day in the studio, easily. I’ve been live streaming my music daily on Facebook and recently on Twitch also. Usually, I end the day with a cartoon in bed!

One track, one book and one meal to see out the rest of the lockdown, what are they?

Track – Has to be ‘Daft Punk – Make Love’ because I could listen to that on loop forever.Book – A ‘Fighting Fantasy’ game book. I like these books because you can read them more than once and get a different story each time. A much lighter read than the usual self help books. Meal – definitely ‘Jerk Chicken & Rice’, a meal designed to be eaten everyday.

It’s important for us all to do our bit right now, but when the world does get back to normal, what’s the first thing you’re doing? 

I think the first thing I will do is get back on tour as soon as possible. Performing, connecting with friends and meeting new people are the things that I am looking forward to the most. I will also go back to Jamaica at the first opportunity for a holiday.

Growing up, which artist inspired you the most?

When I was a young Hip-Hop DJ and first began collecting vinyl, I started to read all of the text on my record covers and on the disc sticker. I soon discovered that a whole bunch of my favourite tracks were actually produced by DJ Muggs. All of the party starters that I turned to every time turned out to be produced by him and since then I have been inspired by his whole career in a similar way to how the career of Giorgio Moroder inspires me to this day in that the signature sounding music they make is shared between groups of like minded artists for the greater good of musical output with little thought for ego or industry politics.

What would you say is the most valuable piece of advice you could give to an aspiring producer?

My advice is always to be yourself and make the music that you enjoy making, regardless of what people around you are doing. It is important to continue in music long enough to find success and it can be a long road. Trends will always come and go. If you don’t enjoy what you do to the fullest, your chances of taking a detour from music become higher. Enjoy the music you make and you will thrive to make it better and better everyday until something clicks.

Miguel Campbell and Jimmy Switch ‘Be The Night / I’ll Be You (Again)’ is released 1st May on Skint Records.

Buy it here… http://classic.beatport.com/release/be-the-night-ill-be-you-again/2917182