Mike Mago

This month saw Dutch DJ and producer Mike Mago unveil his long awaited self-titled debut album on his own dance label BMKLTSCH RCRDS. The hotly anticipated album follows a string of monthly album singles which have seen Mike Mago continue his shift in sonic direction with uplifting, pensive electronica. Mago’s debut LP is the culmination of this journey, displaying the Dutch producer’s diverse sound palette, hypnotic and expertly harmonized vocals, organic break-driven drums and atmospheric undertones. DMC WORLD grabs a world exclusive…


Hey Mike, welcome to DMC! How are you today?

Very good. Excited about the Album and finally sharing it with the world 🙂

You just released your brand new self-titled album, how long have you been working on this project?

I think I spent around 1.5 years. I started during the pandemic. It was all about creating music with others (via zoom) in that periode for me. I wanted to keep on being social and connect with people, so most of the songs were born out of sessions. I made a lot and then extracted these 10 of which I was the most proud.

What’s your personal favourite track on the LP?

Its hard to pick, but I feel Colors is my fav. I like the fact that its more or less instrumental and can fit in both the clubs as well as on the DSPs.

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to making tracks?

Actually not so much as I use to be. I could spend ages perfecting a kick or hihat, but nowadays I work more instinctively. Mainly to keep a positive energy and to stay enthusiastic about every step I make during the process. I do not want to overthink too much.

How best would you describe the sonic direction of the album?

I feel its more atmospheric then my previous work and maybe a bit more adventurous. I’m growing as an artist and I wanted to show that in my work. It may be a bit less happy and radio friendly. That is due to me growing as a person I think.

Do you feel like your sound has evolved over time? 

Yes defo, like I said I am growing as a person and also my taste it changing and my vision on music develops. That has to influence me as a producer and the music that I make.

Who has been your favourite collaboration to date?

Without a doubt my collaborations with Dragonette. I love her as a singer/songwriter and also as a person. And we had such a great periode after our single Outlines.

Does the album tell a story? If so, what are the messages behind the tracks?

I feel I make music very instinctively, so the stories of the tracks always show themselves in a later stage. But I guess the main message is for everyone to find their voice. I’m always looking for new angles/processes/styles etc and if you don’t start to look for it, you wont find anything. You might not exactly find what you were looking for in the first place, but it is gonna move you forward.

Do you have any festivals or live dates coming up?

25 -5 Conduct FEstival (NL)

11 – 6 World Club Dome (GE)

24 – 6 London TBA

Especially looking forward to the WCD. That’s  always so much fun!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where I am now. Making music everyday and sharing it with people. I dont have specific goals, I just try to stay excited about what I’m doing which gives me the energy to grind and stay  very focused.

And finally, what’s next for Mike Mago?

I’m always working on more stuff and the more I’m in the studio the faster and more effective I’m producing. I already have so much new music lined up and I’m excited to share that as well.


Upcoming shows:

25th May – Conduct Festival (NL)

11th June – World Club Dome (GE)

24th June – London location TBA (UK)

To find out more about Mike Mago:

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