Mister Joshooa

Music Director and resident of the famed TV Lounge, Joshua Guerin aka Mister Joshooa is a Detroit favourite who heads up My Baby Records alongside ATAXIA. Mister Joshooa has previously released on the likes of 2020 Vision, Moteur Ville Musique, as well as having appeared on Carl Craig’s Detroit Love’ mix album on Planet E. This May he is set to make his debut appearance on Infolines on their ‘Under The Bridge’ VA and with this release in mind we’re super excited to be speaking with Mister Joshooa today…


Joshua, a pleasure to have you with us today. First off, how are you doing and how are things for you over in Detroit at the moment? 

It’s a pleasure to be with yall too. I suppose I’m doing just fine. Feels kinda strange to have the club back open after being closed for so long. I forgot how much I love it and how much f’n work it takes to keep this B going. However, there is nothing like getting the fam together for a good ole fashion techno get down.

On 28th May your collaboration ‘LFOs are Tight’ with fellow TV Lounge resident ADMN is set for release on the ‘Under The Bridge’ VA on Infolines. This is a super release and a real product of Detroit. Before we get into the release, how would you put your sound into words for our readers? 

Hard to put into words. Basically there is this thing that we call “the thing”. Either a track has it or it doesn’t, regardless of genre. So from now until forever we are on the hunt for the thing. Buy link

Can you tell us a bit about how ‘LFOs are Tight’ from yourself and ADMN (co-founder of Infolines alongside RVP) came to be? 

Well we made an appointment for a session at ADMN’s studio, which is super tight by the way. We have a lot of the same gear and are both super fans of Elektron and Dave Smith instruments. So it’s easy to hop on his rig. I usually gravitate towards the samplers, drum machines and anything with multiple lfos. ADMN engineered the session while I fucked around with drums till we got something going. Def used the 808 clone by behringer and the Analog Rytm. ADMN layed out some sick chords on the PolyD and such. I think the vocals are what glued the whole thing together. We ripped it from a horror movie I love, threw it into the Octotrack for all the lil cuts and bleeps. Then of course we listen to it a million times to get the mixdown just right, and by then we are sick of it and don’t want to hear it ever again. lol…

What kit was involved in the making of the track? 

Honestly it was a mash up of a lot of kits. On the Analog Rytm MK1 it’s very easy to load from any kit you want into a session. So I whip through a shit load of them and piece it together as I go. 909, 808, 707, samples from mars, goldbaby, vintage kits. ect…

Pioneer Delano Smith provides an awesome remix of the track for the VA. What were your thoughts when you first heard his take on ‘LFOs are Tight’? 

First thought was, Holy shit, this shit is tight.The original kind of has a lot going on. Delano is a master of stripping down a cut to its core to create something new. Always been a major fan of Delano’s production especially the darker stuff like on Sushitech. So when we heard it we were like “Wow!”

Aside from producing, you’re also Music Director and a resident for TV Lounge in Detroit. We’ve heard lots of the family vibe at TV Lounge. Can you tell us a bit about your residency and what the venue means to you? 

I wouldn’t call it a residency. I’ve worked at TV since before it was TV. Started out as a bartender. It’s a family run operation and they took me in as their own. So it literally has a family vibe. That’s how I treat everyone around here. Those that get it and chip in get to be a part of it. And have access to all we have to offer without question. Those who seek money and fame can jog on. 

We know a lot of venues across the globe have faced hard times through the pandemic. How have things been in that respect for TV Lounge over the last 18 months?

I mean I won’t lie, it’s been tough. But we are used to tough in Detroit. We gonna make it work however we can. We are fortunate at Tv to have a large outdoor space. Anytime the weather is nice we can open for a reduced capacity show. Summer 2020 we had an August to November run then shut it down until March 2021. We’ve been open outdoors only ever since.

Thanks so much for chatting with us today Joshua. Respect to you and the other artists involved on the Infolines release and we wish you all the best going forwards. To round off, are there any other releases on the horizon from yourself that you can let us in on.

Yes, a few. I co-produced and featured on Ataxia’s new full length album on Life and Death set to release later in the year. I have a split Ep coming out on Detroit based label Cryovac. Also a track on another VA on 20|20 Vision. Oh anda track on the next Infolines EP, which I co produced with my good friend Jeremy Kypta. This will mark his first release. Also features vocals from the owner of TV Bar, Tree. Super excited about that one. It’s gonna slap!

Infolines – Under The Bridge Feat. ADMN, Mister Joshooa, RVP and Delano Smith. Released 28th May on Infolines