DMCWORLD check in the incredibly talented DJ duo as they release their brand new single ‘I Need A Dollar’, a rework of the Aloe Blacc classic…

Hi MOLOW, how are you?

We are doing great! Pumped up for what’s to come. 

You have had an incredible year this year, what would you say is the highlight?

Probably our first release with Martin Jensen “Carry On”, seeing it being streamed million after million has been incredible. 

What was it like working alongside Martin Jensen and HUGEL?

They are both huge incredibly talented artists, we worked in different ways with both but it’s been so inspiring in different ways, and it’s been an honour to have the opportunity

How did your latest collaboration come around with Ben Hamilton?

We received a dance version of I need a dollar made by italian producers Luigi Modolo and Simone Ermacora and we really liked how it sounded and decided to work on it to give it the MOLOW touch.

Was there a lot of pressure to get ‘I Need A Dollar’ right, knowing how big the original track is?

Of course, we’ve always loved the original and thought it would be great to make a dance version, that could work both on radio and when playing live, and we think we got that balance just right.

Who do you want to collaborate with next?

There are many talented and great artists all over the world. With whom the next colaboration will take place remains a secret.

What have you missed most about touring?

To see the beautiful people and the amazing places…but mostly to sleep in the hotels.. because now we have to make the bed in the morning by ourself! Haha!

What does the future look like for MOLOW?

We have a tonne of new music coming out in 2021, with more incredible collabs lined up with amazing artists.

Where can we keep up to date with you?

At the moment until we start playing live again, we can only be on socials… and on all DSPs (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc). We cannot wait to get back on stage and play for our fans, that’s really where we belong the most.

Check out ‘I Need A Dollar’ feat Ben Hamilton –