Mr. Diamond

Mr.Diamond has taken the electronic music scene by storm in recent times. His maiden release came in 2019 and he’s since gone on to produce for a selection of contemporary house’s leading labels, including Solid Grooves Raw, Saved Records, Seven Dials and many more besides. His ‘Dance With Me’ EP marks a career milestone, a testament to his keen-ear for production, and sets the tone for a bright future that will see him continue to rise up the global dance ranks. We check in for a world exclusive with the main man…


Thanks for taking the time to speak to us today. How are you and where are you based?

You’re welcome, my pleasure! Doing really well, at the moment I’m based in Houston.

For our readers that aren’t familiar with you, could you please tell them a bit about yourself?

Yes. I’m an artist that’s looking to explore and innovate all the landscapes of electronic music. Under the alias of Mr.Diamond you can expect any tune for the dancefloor between house and techno.

How did you first get into music?

I was born and raised in a musical environment. My dad’s family have a very musical background, my great-grandmother used to give piano concerts, my grandfather played like 6 instruments, my dad was the lead singer of a synthpop/rock band, my aunt gave me my first guitar lessons at the age of 13, since then I have been obsessed with learning every form of instruments and music genres.

Your Dance With Me EP is out on Hot Creations; can you tell us a bit about the release and how it was made?

I started producing in 2013, but didn’t have a clear definition of what kind of electronic music I wanted to make. In 2018 I started the Mr.Diamond project, and Jamie Jones was the main inspiration for the concept, artists-wise.
I managed to send him music for the 1st time in 2019, and he liked 2 tracks but passed on them after a few months of testing. 2 years later of consistency sending him new demos, he finally signed these ones I made in January. (Probably the main difference with the previous records where the sample selection and fine tuning on the drums and the attention to micro-details across the tracks.)

Did you make the release specifically for Hot Creations? How were the tracks signed?

Only the B1 Bongomastic. The others were like 90% of the music I make, just fun experiments to express my creativity. Some of them I may play live, others are just for listening at home, and only %0,05 of them may be good enough to release. I sent everything I made 1st to Jamie, he’s the one that understands my artistic vision and musical expression the most. The tracks were signed via e-mail, a SoundCloud link does the job nowadays. 😊

Do you have any advice for aspiring producers? Any tips on how to get your music to the right people?

  • Spend more time listening and studying good records rather than producing without a direction or idea on how an outstanding record should sound.
  • Learn everything you can about mixing, mastering, composition, sound design, marketing, branding, etc.
  • Don’t follow trends and don’t try to emulate what’s already sounding at the moment.
  • Be unique, don’t be afraid to make something weird. Great failures and mistakes lead eventually to great victories.
  • Networking is key. Be nice, be genuine, be humble. Support the community, and always help the ones that need a push. Learn to give and help, instead of always being

The past year has been a difficult one, how have you found things and what have you been doing to keep busy?

For me it has been challenging and inspiring at the same time. I was about to go to Europe to play my first tour over there, but it had to be postponed. I had to cut expenses in order to continue working 24/7 in music, so I moved from Miami to Houston. And here I was able to just spend every single day in my studio. Best decision ever!

With things opening back up now, what are you most looking forward to?

I’m not worried about it at all. I’m loving so much the time here at home making music. But as soon as it’s safe and legal to play everywhere. I’m looking forward to visiting Europe and Latin America, and playing all those pending gigs!

When it comes to producing and DJing, which do you prefer and why?

I love both, they give different types of fulfillment. But definitely producing is the most intimate and personal satisfaction, because I’m not looking or thinking in anything or anyone else rather than just focusing on finishing the track for my enjoyment.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations and why?

Everyone inspires me in different ways, some more than others, even imperfect raw demos I get sent. But If I have to cut into, would be:

As musician, Steve Vai. The complexity and arrangement of his productions is mind-blowing, the incursions and blend of native instruments with rock, in a harmonious way is unique. Watch this video and you would understand.

As DJ, Laurent Garnier. He’s been a pioneer and a genius on how to mix and express throughout the years all the different sides of house in the most elegant way.

As producers, Daft Punk. Their productions keep inspiring new generations of producers, and sounds never seem to decay with the years passing by.

Do you have any interests outside of music? What are they?

Very few, music is really my life! But when I take some short breaks to rest my ears and think about new ideas, a good book, manga, or a good movie does the job.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

It would have to be Julian Casablancas, or the whole band, The Strokes. They were a big part of my early influences in my teens, and still have them in the highest esteem, respect and admiration. 

Lastly, are there any upcoming gigs or releases you would like to tell us about? 

For the moment I would like people to focus all the attention on this EP, as it Is something I have been looking for since the beginning of this project. Time will reveal what’s next! 😉


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