Having just eclipsed 1 Billion streams on Spotify alone and 1,5 Billion on all platforms, NOTD continue their rollout of successful single releases in 2020 with their brand new track ‘Nobody’. DMCWORLD check in for a world exclusive…

How have you bireen finding the last few months, can you take any positives away from it personally and for the music industry as a whole?

There are definitely some positives to take away from these last few months, despite how hard they’ve been for people affected by Covid in different ways. We’ve taken advantage of the down time by spending a majority of it in the studio working on new music that we’re really excited about. We hope the music industry as a whole will come back stronger than ever both on the creative side and on the touring side.

You had a big year of touring planned in Europe and the US which got cancelled duo to COVID, how is 2021 shaping up for you guys?

We were very bummed not to get to play the shows we had planned this year. A lot of those have been postponed, not cancelled, so we can only hope that the situation improves and the shows can happen. In terms of music, we are hoping to release our debut EP in 2021 – the first time we are putting together a body of work rather than releasing single after single. That process is super fun.

You’ve had some amazing successes in your career so far especially with ‘I Wanna Know’ and ‘So Close’ – is there a specific NOTD formula you follow when writing a track?

Thank you! There’s no formula, but there are definitely elements that we love to incorporate in all our music and that our fans have come to expect. The sound is always evolving and right now it’s becoming more guitar-driven since we both play a lot.

Your new single ‘Nobody’ is out now which looks to have been well received already – how did you come about working with Catello?

Catello sent us the demo for ‘Nobody’ and we loved it right away. Then, it became about finding the right version which took a long time (haha).

Get it HERE via EMI Sweden / Island Records

What bit of studio kit couldn’t you live without and why?

Our guitars (Fender Stratocasters), our favorite mic (Neumann U87) and Red Bull.

What’s next for NOTD?

We’re hard at work on our debut EP right now, and we hope that by the time it’s done next year we’ll be able to tour and play all the new music live for our fans.

We’ve beaten COVID – you can play at any gig in the world, what is it?

Lollapalooza for sure (haha).