Ocean Lam

At the forefront of the Hong Kong nightlife, Ocean has been working tirelessly for over a decade to expose the music and artists in the local scene. Holding residencies at famed Hong Kong clubs oma and Social Room, Ocean also acts as the Music Director at Social Room hosting a range of underground talent. Founded in 2014, Ocean started her Hypnotic parties as a way of supporting international artists alongside local names, since playing alongside industry heavyweights including Sven Vath, Jimpster and Axel Boman among others. DMCWORLD checks in as she releases her new track and remixes via Moteur Ville Musique…

First off, can you tell us where you are based at the moment and how the last few months have been for you given the global situation? 

I was born and based in Hong Kong. The last few months without DJ gigs, I’ve been trying new things. I learned how to set up a nice live stream with friends help, it was so fun! I also contributed a few podcast mix-sets and video sets to keep sharing music with friends around the world. It’s good to be supporting each other during these difficult times. A recent live set I did which was very meaningful for me was for “Save The Amazon” created by Meoko and Serilalism Records, with many great artists showing support worldwide. Also, I had my debut EP released “The Same Boat” on Biotop Label (Berlin) at the end of April, collaborated with Fresh Funky S (Typhoon8 Records, HK) 

Congratulations on the Moteur Ville Musique release. We love the track and it feels a perfect suit to the label. Tell us, how did the release on the label first come about? 

It was produced in T8R studio, inspired by many nice Detroit sounds music and producers. I never expected that it would land on MVM, a Detroit label which I’ve been following since their first release. Much thanks and big love for MVM`s support and trust in me!

The remixes on the release are killer too! Tell us, what is it like for you to have your music remixed by the likes of Jay Tripwire, Eduardo De La Calle and Joal? 

It feels like a dream come true! They’re  all favourites producers of mine and friends. I’ve collected and played their music for many years. They each turned my little original into 3 pieces of art with their own style. Also thanks to MVM for giving me the artistic freedom to brainstorm the remixers together!

Where did the inspiration for the release come from and what was the creation process like? 

I was thinking to make a track with Detroit sounds and feelings. It was produced in the typhoon8 studio here in Hong Kong, using Ableton live, Digitak Elektron, Microfreak, 808, TR8S and more.

Your passion for music shows itself in the years that you’ve dedicated to the scene. Can you remember what your first experience with dance music was that inspired you to pursue your musical path as a DJ, Producer, Promoter and more?

The first rave party I attended in HK was with John Digweed playing many years ago. Since then I’ve never stopped digging and working with music I love! I started my first gig in 2008 at a small club call Yumla which was the only underground music venue in HK back then. I was very lucky to play at this venue which allowed us to play the music we love! I really enjoy mixing. Then I started producing music with Typhoon8 Records, started my own events, and am working as music curator at Social Room now.

Can you share a bit with us about your Hypnotic brand?

It started as my podcast`s name almost 10 years ago. I’m very bad at marketing and names, so I used the same as my event name but they are both REAL hypnotic, haha! It’s always filled with happy vibes, it was never a big brand or party, just something to do to share music with other DJ friends. Hypnotic has always been about having good times.

Who would be a dream artist for you to have play at one of the Hypnotic nights? 

Margaret Dygas.

Having been at the forefront of the underground music scene in Hong Kong for a number of years now, how do you see the future of the scene there post-covid? 

Hopefully now more people will support their local scene and artists. I believe it will be a good reset. More time to focus on the music, and more quality producers and DJs will appear.

Given your years of experience, what advice would you offer to an aspiring artist in the underground music scene?

Always focus on the music with your own style. Put more mixes online, treasure and show your best in every set, and just be yourself!

Thank you again for chatting with us today! To round off, what are you most looking forward to doing as the global situation eases?

Going to festivals, playing at festivals! I look forward to hanging with my friends around the world again. I miss flying and playing for different crowds in different countries!

Ocean Lam ‘Auditory Touch’ with Jay Tripwire, Eduardo De La Calle and Joal remixes is released 24th July 2020 on Moteur Ville Musique

Buy link: www.beatport.com/release/auditory-touch/3026186