Belgian producer Paradoks returns to Nora En Pure’s imprint Purified Records with his stunning track ‘Flourish’. With extensive support from industry heavyweights including Tiësto, Eelke Kleijn, Kevin De Vries, Nora En Pure and Tale of Us plus releases on Stil Vor Talent and Parquet Recordings, the future is looking very bright indeed. DMCWORLD check in for a world exclusive….


Hi Paradoks! How are you and where are we speaking to you from?

Hey there! I’m great, currently I’m based in Barcelona.

We love your new song ‘Flourish’, coming out on Purified Records. Can you let us know a little bit about the track and how it came about?

Thank you, I’m glad you do. It’s a track with two distinct parts both representing winter and spring, moving from a darker groove to a more hopeful and orchestral part. It’s also an analogy to my musical path as an artist, as I finally feel that I’m developing the sound that will really allow me to grow to my full potential. Needless to say, Flourish is a really special track for me.

This is your second release on Purified. Can you let us know how you came about to releasing on the label, and how it has been?

Since Nora en Pure started playing my track Floating in a couple of streams, we got to know each other. I love the music she makes and plays, and also the whole artwork behind Purified. It was therefore natural for me to work with her, and I feel the sound I make really has a fit in the label. So far, it’s great to work with her.

How do you feel your Belgian roots play into your productions?

I left Belgium when I was three years old, and I’m also Swiss. But I am a bit detached of nationalities and don’t let them define me as a person or artist. I guess it’s because I have travelled a lot and have friends from all over the world, so wherever my good friends are, I feel at home. Then to answer your question, I don’t think my nationality really plays a role in my production, but rather all the countries I lived in.

Where do you find inspiration from in your tracks? How did you initially get into music production?

I got into music production shortly after I started composing piano songs. There is just so much more we can create on a music production program! Inspiration comes in the moments where I feel most at peace. But generally, the biggest kick of inspiration is listening to amazing songs from all genres.

We saw your recent streams from the mountains, they look great! How does it feel performing in settings like that?

Thank you! The mountain stream was very stressful as I organized the whole thing alone, with the help of my brother. I also had to prepare a proper set as I wanted to play only my own tracks. But once I was blasting music through the speakers in such a special place, I really deeply enjoyed it. It was a beautiful moment to play my music in such a vast scenery.

With clubs being closed, how have you managed to keep inspired and motivated?

At first it was really complicated, as I was making music but couldn’t really see the point of making dance music without people dancing. But since I released ‘Floating’ on Stil Vor Talent, a lot of good things happened, and many opportunities kept me motivated. I also enrolled in a Master degree in order to take some needed distance from music and negative thoughts when things weren’t moving forward.

If you could put on your very own night (when things open up), where would it be and who would be on the lineup?

I guess it would be a sunset to sunrise party, in a dream location just like Cercle do them. As for the lineup, it’s a very tough question. There are so many great artists that inspired me, and also so many great friends I’d love to share booth with. In that case, I should throw a 3-day festival in order to get all the names on the lineup. J

Top 3 tracks of the moment?

Very different to the sound I make and play but these tracks have been on repeat for the last month:

Niklas Paschburg – Tuur mang Welten

Betical – Exil

Bicep – Apricots

If you could create a track with anyone (alive or not…) who would it be and why?

Such a difficult question! I’ve literally been thinking 30 minutes over this question and still can’t find an answer. I honestly can’t say just one name! But the best collaboration would be a synergy where we could combine complementing strengths.