Hey Reblok!  Thanks so much for chatting to us here at DMC. Where in the world are you today?

At my home in Novi Sad, Serbia

For any readers who aren’t familiar with you, can you explain a bit more about yourself and how you got where you are?

Well, I’m a guy who was born on 14.11.1989. I moved from Split, Croatia to Novi Sad in the early 90’s while I was still a kid. Fast forward to my 18th birthday and I started modeling for about 4 years before I jumped into the psy trance Serbian rave scene – which was crazy at the time  – and it was from then I started to learn music production. I quickly got bored of making psy trance, so I started making minimal techno and it was in 2010 when Reblok started. 10 years since and I’ve transferred from minimal techno to deep house to nu disko to tech house before creating my own stamp in the music industry with my style.

I’ve released with labels such as  Hot Creations, Club Sweat, Higher and Repopulated Mars and been played by some of the biggest names in the whole music industry, including David Guetta and Fisher. I’ve got remix coming out on Black Butter (Sony). I’ve always wanted to release with them. It’s crazy how the tables have turned after a hard 10 year grind.

How would you describe your music/sound?

I always wanted to be crossover to be honest. I wanted my stuff to work well on dancefloor as well as on the radio and in the past year and a half,  I’ve finally done it! I always try to make heavy beat / bassline but to mellow the vibe with cute vocals (childish ones that sounding high pitched). 

I try to make my music unique and I feel that the last 18 months have really helped me move away from the ‘generic’ house music. I’m now making a mixture of electro house from 2006-2010 and tech house with lots of trancy sounds inside to draw on various musical influences, which have shaped by sound today.

You’ve been releasing lots of new music recently, however, something that we’re super excited about is your remix of Sonny Fodera & King Henry’s track, Before U ft. Aluna George. Tell us more…

It all came out of nowhere..the great Mr. Pete Tong emailed me out of a sudden after he played of 2 my tracks (Hot Creations and Sola releases) on BBC Radio 1 in a row. I started working on it straight away because I was very excited to be on board and wanted everyone involved to be satisfied. The track is out now!

Before U has been streamed over 3million times and played multiple times on the sought after BBC Radio 1 since it’s release, how did you go about remixing this house gem?

Well as I always say my main part of every track is good bassline. If I don’t have that, I don’t have anything else either and it hasn’t tricked me so far. I try to stick to the stuff that works for me, so them asking for a dance floor remix that can also be played on the radio is the perfect match.

Have you worked with any of the artists before?

No one this big!

Finally, what does 2020 hold for Reblok?

To be honest I have no idea, because of everything going on in the world. I have signed 2 more singles on Spinnin Records, there’s 1 more single to come out on Realm,  2 more on Club Sweat and an EP on Higher Ground, as well as some releases on other smaller labels. As with the rest of the industry,  lots of my gigs have been cancelled, so I’m focusing on making music instead! Safe safe everyone.