Sam Bird

The on fire producer from the UK returns with a killer re-make of Bryan Adams no less! DMCWORLD dives in to find out what life is like after his stint on Love Island…

Hi Sam, welcome to DMC! You’ve just released a new single ‘Run To You’ featuring Papa Zeus – tell us a bit about the release itself and the inspiration behind it?

I’ve been Djing for years and have had lots of ideas for tracks. Run To You by Brian Adams has been a favourite of mine and I would listen to it during my workouts. I thought with the nature of the lyrics it would make an amazing dance song for clubs and gyms! So I approached Papa Zeus to help collab on the track as I loved what he did with his re make of ‘About You’.

You starred in the huge reality TV show, Love Island and have now made the transition into music – at what point did you realise music was a career you wanted to pursue?

I have been Djing for years, my house mate was a DJ before the show and I’d do bits here and there in the clubs. Always enjoyed it. I was always willing to learn a new skill and I love music of course. Love island gives you a massive platform and I didn’t want to waste it on promoting products that I didn’t believe it. So I decided to get into the studio and make music I knew everyone would love. It started purely for the passion of making and playing my own music, it’s now became a long term career for me.

Have you found this transition into music difficult in any way?

I knew there would be challenges but I I also knew if I worked hard enough and the end product was good then that would do the talking. I also have spent the last year networking within the music industry and attending selective events with very respected music professionals who have given me good advice and supported my transition.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations and if you could collaborate with anyone, who would be at the top of your list?

I’m a big fan of MK and what he’s producing at the moment. I became friends with camelphat and they have been great mentors for me! I’m dream collab would be with The Weekend or MNEK. I have an idea for a track that would be brilliant for them.

How did the collaboration with Papa Zeus come about and what was it like getting into the studio with him?

Purely from being a fan of Papas first single ‘About You’. I’d been supporting it on my socials and I approached him about the Run To You idea. His input really helped me develop my idea for the track, quickly.

What can you tell us about the rest of your plans for 2020 – can we expect more releases?

This summer I start the ‘Run To You’ tour and I can’t wait to focus on the track to make it as successful as it can be. I’m still aiming towards that top 40 spot this year and will keep working hard to get it. I have a few remix offers and for sure my next single will be an original!