Sander van Doorn

Sander! Great to see you back in the UK at the weekend, how was your gig at Fabric?

Thanks! It’s always good to be in the UK! Liberation was absolutely crazy, what an atmosphere! I performed a 2 hour Purple Haze set combined with lots of old classics. I was so looking forward to it.

Tell us a little bit about your Purple Haze alias, and how you feel performing under it? What are the main things that feel different to performing as Sander van Doorn?

Purple Haze is a darker and more trancy sound compared to the Sander van Doorn sound these days. The sound of Purple Haze is actually more the sound that I started with back in the days when I started my career, so I absolutely love playing as Purple Haze where I can really take my time to really build up a set and work onwards to a climax. 

Are you still collaborating with Dolby? Could you fill us in on that partnership?

Yes we recently had our show during ADE at the Melkweg Amsterdam and it was phenomenal. For me as a producer this is really amazing as you can imagine. Last year I spent a lot of hours in the Dolby studio in London together with the team from Dolby to re-master my tracks in the Dolby software and I did all of them. It’s quite some work but to hear the actual result is really something special. I also created some exclusive tracks especially for Dolby to create an even better experience for the crowd!

You have recently become a father! Congrats. How do you balance work and family life?

Thanks! It’s amazing! I still go on tour every weekend and sometimes it can be hard to go away, but we’ll FaceTime a lot. Can’t imagine how life would be without FaceTime these days haha. And with some tours it’s possible to take her with us and then we definitely do that. Mostly with tours when I need to stay in one spot for more days, we’ll make it a family holiday combined with work. 

How does it feel to perform in the UK? Do you feel the UK crowds differ to other countries?

My career started in the UK and I still feel that love from the crowd. I can play more darker and techy over here. It’s always good te be back!

In this crazy world, what do you do to make sure you stay healthy and keep a positive mindset?

I try to focus only in positive things and positive people and besides that I keep an eye on my diet, and (try) to eat as much as healthy food as possible!

You have been a legend in the scene for over 15 years. How do connect with your fans and make sure to engage with other audiences?

I make sure to use social media as a way to connect with my fans. I read all the comments that come in and make sure that I take feedback on board. I also involve fans in my radio show with a weekly fan request and this year we are expanding that with a monthly talent mix where everyone has the chance to be featured in the show. 🙂

Could you give us a couple of tracks readers can expect to hear in your Fabric set?

Haha well definitely a lot of new ID’s!! And of course some recent Purple Haze tracks like ‘Surrender’ and ‘The Hyll’ but I am still gonna play some classics such as ‘Daisy’ ‘Drink To Get Drunk’ and much more!