Major news for the dancefloor as the Avotre label boss drops the third instalment of the imprint’s esteemed ‘Heat’ series. Shining a light on some of Argentina’s brightest talents as well as featuring a collab from the label boss himself, we dive in for some ‘Argentinian Heat’…

Can you tell us about how your career developed as a techno DJ/producer after moving to Berlin at 21?

When I moved to Berlin, I started working in a large studio as an intern and met a lot of people. Then I was given the opportunity to start working with Tiefschwarz and on their label Souvenir, which opened a lot of doors for me.

Is there any way you could divulge what the process is like when crafting a ‘Heat’ series VA compilation? For example, how do you decide which territory to focus on in particular, what artists to select, etc.

On this particular instalment of the ‘Heat’ series, I wanted to focus on Argentina because it’s a very important country for me, both personally and for me as a DJ. I’ve been traveling there for the past 6/7 years and the fanbase has always been outstanding. It’s an incredible feeling to play in front of 4000 people where the energy is so intense. I mostly play long sets between 4 to 6 hours which is also not usual for me. So, the idea was to give something back to the music community in Argentina, as I had met so many talented artists during those years and wanted to include them on this very special compilation series.

Personally, what’s the best part for you about being able to curate your own unique signature sound through up-and-coming musicians via both your ‘Heat’ series compilation albums and your AVOTRE record label?

What I love the most is being able to involve and collaborate with friends when curating these compilations, as well as being able to create a certain vibe and having the freedom to do what you love, whilst also giving something back to the dance music community.

What was the impetus or inspiration behind creating compilation albums that are tied to certain regions?

The ‘Heat’ series VA compilations focus on countries or areas that I have a deep affinity with. It could be because I love the city/country both personally and as a DJ, or because it’s an area where I would like to give back to the local dance community by giving these emerging artists an international platform through which to release their music. It also celebrates each individual country’s own rich musical heritage.

Could you go into detail about any interesting challenges you or the AVOTRE team might have faced when compiling ‘Argentinian Heat’?

Luckily there were no big issues with compiling this compilation because all the artists are friends of mine and I got really quick responses on social media and WhatsApp etc, so it was super easy to put together actually. When I’d collected all of those tracks, my manager sent over the contracts and that’s it! pretty simple!

As a country, what is your favorite thing about Argentina?

I love the passion especially the passion of the crowd. They’re always totally into the music, doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re playing, they’ll always give you an amazing response. The support they give you is so outstanding, that’s the reason why I wanted to do an Argentinian Heat.

Speaking of Ibiza, what are some of your fondest memories from the many residencies you’ve held over the years on the White Isle?

Sleepless nights a lot of energy and super great moments on the dance floor. I love playing on that island even if it has changed a bit over the last couple of years, it’s still a magnificent and special place to DJ especially with its long history of dance music.

With the lockdown currently affecting DJs and producers across the globe, what are some things you’ve been doing to keep busy? Any upcoming new music or work you’ve been focusing on in the studio?

I’ve been making a lot of music recently and I also started a new online TV series called Foodieloops, which is focused on cooking; another big passion of mine. So this is definitely a great thing to come out of the lockdown, as I now have my own TV show! I’ve recorded six episodes for season one and I’m already planning a season two and three, so stay tuned on my Instagram for the upcoming episodes!

Do you have words of advice or any professional tips for tech-house hopefuls who’re trying to break into the industry with their music?

The most important things to have are passion and patience because it takes time to master your craft and develop skills, even with modern-day technology which makes the process quite a lot simpler, it’s still very important to take your time and to learn your craft properly. Patience is my greatest advice – be patient!