Sassa is an Italian DJ/Producer whose melodic roots are plain for all to see in his studio work. His latest work “Steve Jobs” is a huge melodic anthem with the classic Steve Jobs vocal, and was spine-tingling on first listen! DMCWORLD chatted to him to find out about his musical background, and why he chose to dedicate the song to the Apple maestro…

Words by Ian Fleming

How are you, how has your year been?

Good thank you, it has been an intense year. I worked a lot in the studio and I had the opportunity to spend more time with my relatives.

Tell us about your journey and how you got into dance music at first?

My father is a musician so since I was a child I was raised with music around me. At the age of 11, I went to the conservatory where an old friend of mine showed me a console and it was love at first sight.

How long until you started writing it? What stuff at first?

I immediately started experimenting and then feeling the necessity to play my music. The first demos came after a couple of years of self-taught school, and the first release arrived around 2005 but in different projects at that time.

Are you a hardware or software geek? Any fave bits of kit?

I work with both of them, I think today it is an extraordinary combination. Even if the hardware has something more engaging and this is also notable in the productions. I could tell you the Moog sub-37 rather than the KORG mini Ms20… there are many. By the way, I would like to test a new machine that fascinates me a lot, the Implexus from Majella Audio.

Why call your latest one Steve Jobs? Why do you look up to him?

I remember that speech really well and I think it is a universal message that everyone should keep it in their mind. I wanted to include that as a special surprise in one of my tracks and from that moment any other title would not have been better than Steve Jobs.

Tell us about the tune – what inspired it, where was it written?

I wrote it in a cloudy afternoon in Milan and I immediately sensed a great potential, enough to make a release with Steve Jobs’ voice.

It’s a big melodic tune – do you play the piano or anything?

As I said my father, as a good musician, introduced me to the piano since I was a child, and for that reason I play that.

Why do you like those emotions?

Music is emotion in all its countless dimensions and what we can do is just let ourselves be conquered by its completion. Even in a difficult moment like this, one that is restricting us for sharing it live. Because music is beautiful to experience in your heart but sharing it with people is pure magic.

What else have you got coming up?

For sure I’m very focused on my future releases and collaborations and planning 2021 for my label Ambivert. But my true ambition is to test my productions around the clubs, to see the impact that can have on the audience.

What do you hope to get for Xmas in an ideal world?

For Christmas, I hope to see more artists live and back to the clubs around the world. Many people were stopped performing/working for a long time and all of this is a serious deficiency for our musical heritage.  

Sassa’s “Steve Jobs” is out now on Blazer Records Grab it here –