Serge Santiago

Serge Santiago resurrected his popular solo alias in 2019 after a lengthy absence, joining Skint Records with the re-release of his 2005 classic Atto D’Amore, followed by Krazyzee and now, Underground. With his successful Waze & Odyssey project and several more releases lined up, Serge Santiago took time out of his busy schedule to speak with DMC.

Hey Serge, thanks for speaking with DMC. What have you been up to lately?

A load, I think my head’s going to explode. I’m trying to nail the tone of releases for the rest of the year and next. All are done(ish). Just want them to stand out. All too easy to write fodder just to release a record! Got a load of Waze & Odyssey output on the table at the moment and helping run my other half’s business too. Great to be busy though.

We love Underground – what was the inspiration behind it?

Thanks. No mad idea or inspiration for this. It started as one idea, morphed into something else and then into this. All versions were tough though, heavy. Was frustrating to get right to be honest but it goes like that sometimes. I love the outcome, moves so well. Feel like an advanced freaky DJ Tool.

It’s great to see you releasing on Skint Records and with Damian Harris back at the label. How did Damian get you to sign to Skint (for Underground and last year’s Atto D’Amore re-release and Krazyzee).

I love Damian, so all he had to do was ask. I also love being part of Skint. It feels like home. Damian keeps me grounded. I’d release every day if was allowed but he slaps me on the wrist and tells me to chill. Love that!You originally released Atto D’Amore in 2005.

How has the music industry changed over the past 15 years?

It’s just more revolved around social media. I mean the social media planning meetings are the main topic of convo these days. I’m so shit at it but love all the same. Otherwise it’s exactly the same, same merry go round of people in the industry all trying to get on top!

You used to be one of the residents at Space Ibiza for their ‘We Love’ weekly Sunday party. Do you still go back to Ibiza and how has it changed for you?

I love Ibiza and am there every year. If I’m honest it’s got harder to have fun but then again, I’ve got older and am more into the business side of the island. Ya know scrap that. Ibiza is mad fun, I’m just being an idiot!

Your Waze & Odyssey project (with Firas Waez) is also going from strength to strength. How does that project compare to your work as Serge Santiago?

We’ve just defined it more. The massive release ‘Always’ isn’t something I’d write for me personally, but works perfectly for W&O as we want to take it more this way. Bring those time back. Fun tracks, fun times!

Which producers are you excited about at present?

9th House.

If you could have written any one track, which would it have been?

Roberto Surace – ‘Joys’. As always, I sit on samples working out what I’ll do later with them. I sat on this one Roberto used. Was so frustrated when I first heard his version but to be fair he’s done a massive job on this. It’s fucking wicked!

When you’re not busy in the studio or touring, how do you like to spend your time?

Family man, PS4, GTA, RDR2, CREW2, Brooklyn 99. Friends, Yoga music without the yoga. Dimmed lights.

Serge Santiago ‘Underground’ is out now on Skint Records. Buy at…