Sophia Essel

First things first — huge congratulations on the release of ‘My Love’. How did the concept/collab come about?

Sophia:   Thanks so much. The track was sat on Dani’s hard drive for over a year and I was on FaceTime to him and he said “I’ve got this little idea that I don’t know what to do with”

Dani:  I tend to create 30-60 seconds clips of tracks when I’m in a creative zone and then lock them away until I have time to work on them. Funnily enough me and Sophia were joking about finding the “perfect hook” and we were messing about going through old projects and she instantly fell in love with the chords and melody and asked me to send that right now! Within about 60 minutes she had the entire track finished with a vocal that matched the energy of the song and then after a couple of days I worked on the mix, shortly after the track was finished.

How long did it take to create the track start to finish?

Sophia:  If we go off Dani keeping it locked away I would say just over a year.

Dani:  It might have been even longer! I tend to squirrel away tracks, when I’m in a creative mood it’s easy for me to put ideas down and this is what happened with this track. Sophia was incredibly fast with the idea and took that one minute clip and created what we now hear as the released version.

Sophia:  I loved the chord progression and worked on a way to make the drop more interesting taking the piano chords and creating a rhythmic pattern on it.

Dani:  Yeah that’s my favourite part!

Sophia:  After that it was finding a vocal that matched the energy and the track was done.

Dani:  I spent the better part of a week working on the transitions and making sure the mix was on point, I like to use my creativity when working with sound so I always try to create atmospheric transitions to make everything organic. All in all in between the two of us, the track was actually done in a couple days, it was only a couple of weeks of tweaking here and there as sometimes you had to come away from the project to hear what was missing or what had to be removed.

Who were some of your biggest influences growing up? Were they a big inspiration when creating the single?

Sophia:  I’d say my influences growing up would be my mums music like M People that soulful vibe.

Dani:  I’m an 80’s kid at heart so pretty much any 80’s early 90’s artists influenced me in some-way, if I had to choose it would be Michael Jackson all the way!

Sophia:  Vocally my soulful inspirations came alight in this track and Dani brought that MK house vibe alive throughout the drops.

What is it about house music that you love so much, compared to other genres of electronic music?

Sophia:  For me personally I’d say it’s the journey that House music takes you on and there is a lot to it compared to other genres, House has all kinds of feelings and emotion throughout.

Dani:  Very much the same for me,  I find House music is a journey and there is definitely a House track for every type of emotion.

If you had to pick one defining moment of your career, what would it be and why?

Sophia:  Hearing Scott Mills supporting our track on BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems was insane as it’s a major goal that any artist would like to achieve.

Dani:  Definitely hearing our song on BBC Radio 1 was a big bucket list moment ticked, also that one of my idols Hardwell played it on his radio show!

What do you like to do when you’re not making music?

Sophia:  I like to go for long walks on the beach, no I’m joking 😉 I like to listen to Abraham Hicks a lot and spend time with my partner and to be honest I spend about 23 hours a day on FaceTime to Dani asking him which wires I need for my studio.

How about you Dan ?

Dani:  I like to spend 23 hours a day helping Sophia sort out which wires she needs for her studio… and long walks on the beaches! No I’m kidding, walking in the fresh country air, eating good food, spending quality time with my partner and friends.

Finally, what can we expect from you after this single? Any big plans for the rest of the year?

We both are working with two renowned vocalists and we will have some exciting news to announce very soon. Keep an eye out!

Track: My Love