Steff da Campo

DMCWORLD checks in for a world exclusive with the mighty Dutch DJ/producer who alongside the mysterious 71 Digits, have delivered an incredible remix of Hi Tack’s 2006 classic ‘Say Say Say (Waiting 4) via Spinnin’. A monster has been awoken!

Steff a huge welcome to DMCWORLD, where on planet earth are you today?

Thank you very much, excited for this interview! Right now I’m in Corona lock down in Leeuwarden, in the North of The Netherlands

What is the best piece of new music you have heard this week?

David Guetta & MORTEN’s newest track ‘Save My Life’ on Tiësto’s label.

Exciting news for you right now due to yours’ and 71 Digits’ remix of Hi Tack’s ‘Say Say Say’.  The tune first came out in 2006, talk us through the history and sound of this project…

I have known the Hi_Tack boys from way back, when we worked at the same label. The original was a smash of course. Earlier this year we had some drinks, shared some memories about that time and thought it would be nice to re-work it, so we did and it turned out nice enough to get Spinnin to do a release. Very happy with the response so far!

What can you tell us about 71 Digits?

Two great and very talented guys. Too bad they’re not handsome as well! LOL

The world has been turned upside down this year by the Covid 19 pandemic. How have you coped with the lockdowns and enforced change of life?

It was frustrating from a business perspective. Early 2020, I closed a major record deal with Spinnin and a publishing deal with Insomniac & CTM/Redsmoke “Sounds That Never Sleep” JV. A lot of pretty big records came out of that, but of course I could not tour on the back of my releases. So I spent most of my time in the studio. A lot of records are now planned through mid 2021 already, which is great and I hope next year will see a re-opening of clubs and festivals. Privately, it was nice to have more time for my friends and family and most importantly, my daughter!

What have you learnt about yourself this year?

“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”

Great answer! Do you think the club scene will bounce back, it has been ravaged by unemployment and new laws…

Yes it will. The feeling we all know and love; to party with friends, will never disappear. Some territories are re-opening, vaccines are on the way. I have good hopes for 2021. It is horrible so many people lost jobs they loved. And I am not even talking about the artists, but even more about roadies, tech crew, social media, all those people who create these parties and events. When things are a bit back to normal, there will be entrepreneurs who will (re)start clubs, festivals, parties again, I am sure!

Also out in recent weeks is your new tune ‘Struggle’. Please talk us through the tune…

I always loved the classic A.D.O.R. vocals, which I also used in my collab with SMACK “Renegade”. So I reached out to his team to create another record with his sample, which I worked on with Lost Capital. In a way, it sounds a bit like a follow-up to “Renegade” and we love the energy of it.

The video was shot in your home town Leeuwarden, what was that day like?

We always shoot videos with a great team of friends, we always have fun. Shooting is challenging in these Covid times, but it worked out great.

Give me 3 big tunes in your box this weekend…

  • Robbie Mendez – Imagine

Such a great and emotional track by one of my good friends!

  • Tony Junior x G-Pol – Mateevskaya ft. Dimma Urih

Absolutely crazy banger!

  • Hi_Tack – Say Say Say (Steff da Campo Remix)

This one is coming very soon, my own re-take of this amazing track!

Okay let’s dig deep for a moment…

Favourite film of all time:


Best album ever made?

Dr Dre – 2001

Your teenage celebrity crush?

Mila Kunis

3 DJs you would book for your birthday party?

Robbie Mendez, Don Diablo and Tiesto

The song you wish you had made?

Tchami – Adieu

How do you chill away from the music?

By playing basketball, tennis & spending time with my daughter

Christmas is around the corner, what are you hoping Santa has brought you this year?

A cure for Covid-19!

And finally, what is coming out next from you musically…

A collab with a crazy friend of mine, called Tony Junior. We did a super nice remake of Belinda Carlisle’s hit “Live your life be free”. This drops December 18th on Spinnin. Plus a collab with Brieuc – “Closer” which drops on Spinnin in January…