Based in South Africa and in Switzerland, the Steny duo are widely recognised for achieving a perfect balance between dark and light elements in their productions. DMCWORLD check in for a world exclusive with the guys as they release their brand new track ‘Ghost Stories’…


Hi Steny! How are you guys today? Can you give us a little background information on your project?

Thanks for having us! Steny is a collaboration between Stefan a DJ and Producer from Zurich and Michel a talented producer, also from Zurich, but based in South Africa. We found the right chemistry that we were looking for and realized that their musical synergy was absolutely amazing. For this reason we decided to bring a new music project to life and started producing songs together as “Steny”.

You guys are based across the globe correct?


Coming together from Switzerland and South Africa, can you talk a little bit about the challenges you face when producing new music?

Thousand of kilometers between us is very special, but it makes also unique. Usually you sit  together in the studio and work on new ideas and insights. With us this works a little differently. Thanks to the internet and visual technology, we can work almost in the same style except that we are not working in the same arrangement. So we are forced to exchange our ideas as a trace. We roll the dice who can make the final arrangement with all elements of the track….hahaha… Being in two different countries has never been in the way of our amazing production values.

Tell us a little bit about your latest single ‘Ghost Stories’. How did it come about and what does this release mean to you guys?

Well, usually the producers tell you big stories behind music they make. My current feelings, my experiences etc etc. We do the same sometimes, produce how we feel it. But to be honest, with this Song, we just found this amazing Indian Style Vocal and immediately felt something mystical. For me, Mystical things like that has always something to do with a kind of ghosts. And we all know any kind of “*Ghost Stories” from our childhood…so, that’s it…no more or less…

Streaming link…

Would love to hear a little more about the music scene in your respective home towns (prior to the pandemic).

(Stefan) Zurich is a techno metropolis….national and international DJs and music lovers meet every weekend to dance together, enjoy music and have a good time. In addition, we have the streetpararade with us, which is now know all over the world. This helps us acts to present ourselves to the world and to make new contracts with international artists.

(Michel) Cape Town is known as multicultural city and this is also the case in musics, Clubs and Festivals. Beside of the CT Carnival or the CT Jazz Festival, we also have the Ultra Music Festival South Africa at one day in CT, which is a massive success and opportunity for local artists to perform and show their incredible talent! Unfortunately, in these times, we also have no more festivals or parties and I’m pretty sure the people can’t wait to get back to “normal”.

When live shows return,  what would your dream show be to play and who would you be playing alongside?

It doesn’t matter where we can play, it’s just important to us that we can share our music with people again. The contact to the festival and club visitors is very much missing.

What lessons have you learned during the pandemic? 

We should have cherished and enjoyed the freedoms before the pandemic. It will be a very special feeling when we can perform live again…we will enjoy it a lot and it will be a bit emotional too…

How has it affected your project?

At the moment we have more time to concentrate on the productions. This allows us to focus more on develop our sound and bring us much more ideas… but as we said, we really miss contact to the music lovers.

Let’s talk about dream collaborations! Who are your dream artists to work with?

Well, for us from the “first generation” of Electronic music lovers, we really love works from Paul or Fritz Kalkbrenner, Solomun, Stefan Bodzin etc. But also the Sound of Yotto, Joris Voorn or Ben Boehmer and Camel Phat is amazing. A collab with one of these guys at one day, that would be amazing.

Anything else you’d like to talk about or let our readers know about you guys?

We just want to thank all listeners or followers of our musical journey! Its really amazing to see how the audience is growing with us and our music. We always try to make the people feel good, happy and relaxed when they listen to our music. Music is such a strong tool to brighten up your life, especially in these days. That’s what we try to do with every song! Thanks so much! Hope to see you in the UK sometime soon!