The F16s

Having just dropped their latest EP ‘Is It Time to Eat The Rich Yet?’, we managed to get a few minutes with The F16s to catch up what they’ve been up to this past year, and what the process for this EP looked like for them. Having been announced as a Spotify RADAR artist and gracing the cover of several editorial playlists, support for one of India’s biggest indie bands seems to be building to a global scale – undoubtedly helped by the witty and socially conscious message of their latest work, as well as their signature danceable indie pop songwriting.

‘Sucks To Be Human’ carries such a lighthearted feel on a heavy topic. What inspired the lighthearted take? 

The song was written entirely during the first lockdown, and we were going stir-crazy with nowhere to go and nothing to do. No one to look at but ourselves. The mind starts wandering, drifting off into world’s that aren’t necessarily rooted in the present or on earth. Naturally, the theme graduated towards an alien abduction.  

Did the song-writing process flow quite naturally or was it a case of testing new things and pushing yourselves? 

Initial songs were written with a framework in mind. When we decided to keep everything DIY, from mixing the album to its artwork and visual stylings, the themes we chose to explore modified themselves often. These influenced the songs in the arrangement or lyrics and vice-versa. We wanted to test ourselves by being as self-sufficient as possible.

The upcoming EP was written during lockdown, what did the whole process for this release look like? Was it different from previous experiences as a band?

It was our first with management and a label. Pagal Haina and House Arrest worked with us closely to structure a release plan that was very different from our previous efforts. For starters, we stuck to deadlines. These many heads in one project meant that we were answerable to others. Not musically, which we are grateful for. Rather, the many arms of post-production-protocol. 

The new EP explores feelings of alienation, what was it like putting those feelings into words?

Most lyrical processes are some form of bloodletting. The alienation has always been around, pushed to a tipping point during the making of this record. Outside of our own feelings, it would be nice if the songs resonate with people who have the same inclinations.

Compared to your previous releases like Triggerpunkte, what’s different about ‘Is It Time To Eat The Rich Yet?’

Triggerpunkte was our debut, where we exhibited our influences in a raw manner. Young and unchecked, the album in hindsight is a little all over the place, but we are still proud of that one. WKND FRNDS began the gradual shift towards a sound that had its own grammar and blueprint. The new EP is the latest iteration of this shift. The shift is never-ending, and in different directions. So who knows what the next one will be.

If you had to choose one track from the new EP to listen to forever, which would you choose?

Apocalypse probably. Nice dark tune to play on an incessant loop, don’t you think?

Who are some artists that got you through lockdown?

The Strokes and their new album. The Garden, Yves Tumor, IDLES, Charli XCX, SOPHIE

Congratulations on your EP ‘Is It Time To Eat The Rich Yet?’. Can we expect more from you soon?

The wheel is forever turning. We have already begun writing songs, which should yield plenty more music soon enough. Till then, listen to the one that’s just out and let it percolate.