Toooloom House Party Vol. 5

DMCWORLD grab a world exclusive with superstar Wankelmut, one of the three mixers for Toolroom’s latest House Party Vol. 5 compilation. Covering all aspects of House music whilst staying true to the signature Toolroom sound and vibe they are known for, Vol. 5 is an essential part of your Spring and Summer soundtrack…

Hey Wankelmut, thanks for joining us at DMC World and congratulations on the latest release ‘House Party Vol. 5’! Where in the world are you right now?

Hey there DMCWORLD and thank you! I’m at home in Berlin right now, in my studio and working on new tracks!

How do you/What do you do to celebrate a new release?

Normally I would throw a party or celebrate while being on the road, DJing at some festival or club! But since that’s not possible right now I just have a glass of really good wine and take a day off!

What have you been up to recently?

I used the travel-free time to the fullest and have been super busy in the studio! Within the last twelve months I have been more creative than ever before and have tons of new music to put out. Actually more than I can reasonably fit into my release schedule!

You’re one of the 3 exclusive mixers for Toolroom’s latest House Party compilation, Vol. 5, talk to us about how that came about and how you found mixing the album? 

I’ve been in close contact with Toolroom for over a year now. We worked together on my single “Free At Last” and they asked me if I wanted to contribute mix for their House Party compilation. Since the only parties we can have right now are house parties I thought it to be perfectly fitting! Mixing the album was a pleasure, so much great music to chose from by so many incredibly talented artists! The mix virtually came together by itself!

Album link:

How did you approach mixing the album itself, did you mix on the fly or create a setlist for it? And also, what are your favourite tracks from the compilation?

When doing compilation mixes I like to create a setlist and to mix the tracks in key. This way I have perfect control over the energy level of the mix and the transitions sound as smooth as possible. There are so many great tracks in the mix, it’s hard to chose favourites. But the work of SOHMI is really standing out to me as well as Leftwing : Kody – If You Wanna!

Your track ‘Lost In The Moment’ is also an exclusive addition to the House Party compilation album, talk to us more about what inspired that track, was there anything visually or sonically that inspired you whilst creating it?

“Lost In A Moment” was inspired by that special moment at a festival when you had an amazing night and slowly you start to feel exhausted and tired – but you get one last drink and then a tune like “Lost In A Moment” comes on while the sun is starting to rise. In the beginning it was just the beat and piano working together and after some looking around I found that vocal which just fit perfectly over the groove and chords!

There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for the return of live music and clubs reopening, where are you going first when everything opens back up again? What’s the first track you’ll play out live?

Oh yes, lets hope we can leave our houses and have a real rave soon! I actually don’t know which track to play first, there’s sooooo much good music that came out while we were all locked in – I’m gonna have a hard time choosing my opening tune!

Give us 3 things that should be on ever DJs rider!

Fresh towels – if everyones sweaty you’re doing a great job!

Small, plastic Jägermeister shot bottles – so you can support the first row with booze

M&Ms – assorted by color!

Over the past year the pandemic and frequent lockdowns have had a huge impact on people’s mental health Do you have any tips for DJs and Producers out there to keep productive, motivated and creative during these unprecedented times?

It’s been a really rough year on all of us. I always try to be as forgiving as possible towards my peers because everybody is on edge and we need to stick together and not pick at each other. Also, trying to maintain a everyday routine helps you to stay creative and productive in the studio. Put on a real pair of pants in the morning, even tho you’re not leaving the house!

Do you have any aspirations for 2021? Any more releases coming out this year??

Tons of stuff coming out this year! Just stay tuned and check my Spotify regularly, I’ll have something coming out every couple of weeks! Also I aspire to loose my pandemic pounds.

Are there any artists/DJs/Producers you can’t stop listening to at the moment who should be on our radar?

Loving the stuff TSHA is putting out! Also Friend Withins new album is incredibly good!


Toolroom House Party Vol. 5 Tracklisting

Exclusive Tracks:

1. Alex Preston – You Do It Right
2. Amii Watson – Higher
3. Beatchuggers (feat. Rahmlee) – Soulshaker (Brokenears Remix) 4. Blvckr – Missing Title
5. Danny Rhys, Matt Weeks (UK) & Mr. V – Damn Good
6. DJ PP – Sol Antyl
7. Eskuche (feat. Mikey V) – Pushing Me Away
8. Fran Ares – Carnan
9. Funkagenda vs. DJ Eako – Africa
10. Jimmi Harvey – Only Your Love
11. Lewis John – Higher
12. Luke Lamor – I’ll Tell Ya
13. Qubiko, Angelo Ceci – The Mazzo
14. Technasia & Green Velvet – Suga (Siege Remix)
15. Tone Troy, Artwerk & ShiShi – Yesterday
16. Wankelmut – Lost In A Moment

Full Tracklist:

1. Wankelmut – Lost In A Moment [Toolroom]
2. TCTS & Boston Bun (feat. Andrea Martin) – Without You [Toolroom]
3. Technasia & Green Velvet – Suga (Siege Remix) [Toolroom]
4. Leftwing : Kody – If You Wanna [Toolroom]
5. Mark Knight & Rene Amesz – All 4 Love (feat. Tasty Lopez) [Danny Howard Remix] {Toolroom}
6. Qubiko, Angelo Ceci – The Mazzo [Toolroom]
7. Martin Ikin (feat. Chenai) – You [Toolroom]
8. Alex Preston – You Do It Right [Toolroom]
9. Hannah Wants – Bad Love [Etiquette]
10. Tube & Berger (feat. Like Mike) – Pineapple Tacos [Kittball]
11. Illyus & Barrientos (feat. Laura Davie) – Disco Hearts [Toolroom]
12. Eskuche (feat. Mikey V) – Pushing Me Away [Toolroom]
13. Danny Howard – In Need Of Acid (feat. Mr. V) [Moon Harbour Recordings]
14. Dombresky & Boston Bun – Stronger (Mat.Joe’s PRiMA Remix) [Toolroom]
15. Beatchuggers (feat. Rahmlee) – Soulshaker (Brokenears Remix) [Toolroom] 16. Max Styler – Something Beautiful [Love & Other]
17. Siege (feat. Sweet Pussy Pauline) – Work It [Toolroom Trax]
18. Blvckr – Missing Title [Toolroom]
19. Friend Within & D.Ramirez – Let It Move Ya [Toolroom]
20. Fran Ares – Carnan [Toolroom]
21. Wankelmut & Anna Leyne – Free At Last (Mousse T. Remix) [Toolroom]
22. TCTS & Todd Terry – Get Freaky [Toolroom Trax]
23. Funkagenda vs. DJ Eako – Africa [Toolroom]
24. Alaia & Gallo, Michelle Weeks – I’m Going Up [Milk & Sugar Recordings]
25. Mark Knight & Tuff London (feat. Cagney & Lacey) – Don’t Give Up [Toolroom] 26. DJ PP – Sol Antyl [Toolroom]
27. Amine Edge & DANCE, Clyde P – Hilton [Saved Records]

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