Poznan-born and now Berlin-based Producer, DJ, and art I werk label boss VONDA7 recently released her acclaimed debut album, Let Go, which is a melting pot of different genres which features her own vocal throughout. With recent and forthcoming releases on Anjunadeep and Skint Records, DMC took some time out of VONDA7’s busy schedule to chat with her…


Hi VONDA! Thanks for speaking with us here at DMCWORLD! What have you been up to?

Hiii! My pleasure. It has been quite an eventful phase, from shooting the music video a few weeks back, to all the preparation before the album release and now some radio and press activities after the release… it has been very busy I must say. But I managed to dance a bit last weekend with clubs now being open during the day in Berlin and I’m preparing for my shows in Szczecin and Poznan in Poland this week, so it’s all very exciting.

You have just released your debut album Let Go. What made you decide to release your debut album in 2021?

Well, to be honest, the release was planned for December 2020. But the Covid-related delay didn’t allow it and then the first test pressings had errors on them… so it wasn’t really my decision 😉 but I let it go and let it happen naturally, as per my album motto.


What is the meaning behind the title, Let Go?

It’s about letting go of things we cannot control (like the Covid-related product delivery delays, haha) but also about letting go of past mistakes, holding grudges and accepting these as lessons and growth.

The album is full of lots of different styles and features your own vocal throughout. Which other producers and vocalists inspire you?

I love Tame Impala who is a full-on musician but also produces his own music, it’s very inspiring. I’m a massive fan of Fever Ray especially when she’s active in The Knife project. I also love Maya Jane Coles, she’s a powerhouse. Jane Birkin, Roisin Murphy, Grimes…so many beautiful voices out there. I also recently discovered two great polish vocalists – Rosalie, who’s very cool, along with Natalia Szroeder.

VONDA7 - Move it (Official Video)


We love the video for Move It and hear you also directed it. Please can you explain about the meaning behind the video? 

I’ll use my own quote which explains it best: “Each human has a feminine and masculine energy within. The video shows a story of an interpersonal relationship where these energies become unbalanced and both people wear masks forced by society. One of them, tired of wearing that mask, leaves the relationship following a quest of finding an inner voice and balance again. Guided by the teaching spirits, she finds her true self again and becomes grounded. She returns to her former partner where she first experiences the resistance.”

How did it feel to direct and star in the video?

Honestly? It was a bit overwhelming, haha. I was very nervous at first as I really put myself out of my comfort zone. I have these two energies within me, very soft almost a bit shy, reserved but also, especially when I feel comfortable, I can be quite bold and awake my inner goddess, haha. It does take some courage to be both and especially in front of the camera. The video was co-directed and produced by a long-time collaborator from my hometown Poznan, Artur Nowicki, and we had a great team on set, so I think the final result is something we are all happy with.

It has been a very difficult time for everyone over the last 15 months. As clubs have recently opened up in Berlin (outdoors and with reduced capacity), what is the current feeling like in Berlin? 

Yes, it has been extremely tough on all of us here. I was finally out dancing this past weekend and it felt very strange at first. But it was comforting to have a conversation about it with my friends and everyone said they felt a bit socially awkward and anxious, haha. But once you get into the music, it’s like riding a bike. And what a beautiful ride it is.

For now, we only have daily parties in open spaces, which I so much prefer anyway, but it’s strange to dance with masks on when everyone inside is vaccinated or had a negative test. Hopefully this will end soon, and the infections will drop even lower.

Do you have any plans to perform the album live? 

I have my first shows confirmed in Poland this weekend which I’m super excited about. I will definitely play some songs from the album and yes, I am thinking on how I could turn it into a live act or at least a hybrid act with some live vocals in the future.

You also have Running Around out on Skint Records later in July and recently appeared on Anjunadeep Explorations 18 (with You’re My Swiss Watch). Which other labels would you like to release on? 

I am super happy with releasing music on these labels. Both labels have great teams – very sweet, professional and encouraging. I hope to release a full EP on Anjunadeep later this year.

What are your plans for the rest of 2021?

I try not to plan too ahead right now, but I would like to play some more shows and connect with people through my music. I also would like to design more as it keeps me grounded.

When you’re not in the studio or performing, how do you like to unwind?

Through writing, designing, sketching, and movement – dancing or working out. And of course, just hanging out with close, lovely people. I think I’m a bit of an ambivert. During the pandemic, I was sure I was an introvert, but now that I can be with my friends again without any risks, as we are all fully vaccinated, I notice how much joy there is in human connections and it’s the best stress release. Never take it for granted.

VONDA7 ‘Let Go’ is out now on art I werk. Buy / Stream at https://lnk.to/AW017