DMCWORLD checks in for a world exclusive with the mysterious UK producers who can’t put a foot wrong right now. Spinnin’ Deep bring us new release ‘Chinatown’ as we long for that magical disco dancefloor again…

Words by Dan Prince

Producers of mystery! Welcome to DMCWORLD…where on planet earth are you today?

We are in the UK in our studios ! Where else can we be in these crazy times?

What is the best piece of new music you have heard today?

Jacq Raise My Voice or Secondcity & Paul Woolford – All I Want Ft. Andrea Martin.

Big news in the Wh0 camp right now thanks to your new Spinnin’ Deep release ‘Chinatown’. Please talk us through the sound and history of the tune…

We wanted to do a track inspired by Duck Sauce … with a catchy disco sample a la – Barbara Streisend. We decided to look for it in the loft instead of Youtube for once and in a corner hidden away there was a pile of Amanda Lear 12 inches …the rest is history.

The track has glorious disco samples that scream nostalgia…tell us about the early clubs and DJs where/who helped you earn your first dancefloor stripes at…

Our experiences and inspirations vary from Todd Terry at Ministry Of Sound, DJ Sneak in Miami/DJ Mag Party, Carl Cox on the Space Terrace, Prodigy And Pendulum in various Festivals…

We love a bit of intrigue at the magazine and hey, it hasn’t done any harm to the careers of Claptone, Deadmau5 and Marshmellow amongst other masked producers. Why was going incognito important to you – is a simple case of letting the music speak for itself or are you just plain ugly?!!??

The masks are solely because we don’t want this to be anything about how we look. We want the focus on our sets and from our fans to be strictly on the music and living in that moment. 

In your black masks you have gained a reputation as studio executioners. We are in the middle of a worldwide crisis and unfortunately the live music and nightclub industry have been left to last for recovery aid. Who from the government would you like to send to the gallows for non-services to dance music?

Although we of course take this extremely seriously, we were also taught to never discuss politics at the table. Most importantly, we hope everyone is coping and staying afloat in these difficult times, and are help people wherever we can!

You posted on social media recently…”Really missing clubbing…. Has anyone found any new lockdown hobbies!” Away from music, how have you been keeping busy in this strange times?

We’ve tried to keep ourselves busy with a series of live streams, which sadly took a hiatus for a few months as one of our studios got broken in to. Back to it now though! We also love cooking and getting to the gym (when it was open).

5 big tunes in your record box this weekend…

  1. Josh Hunter – Release Me

Josh’s energy on the record is pure class. Such a stripped back record but so powerful!

2. Bob Sinclair – Gym Tonic

We had to chuck in one of our all time favourites, Sinclair is a genius in the scene!

3. Crazy Penis – There’s A Better Place

Crazy P before he was Crazy P, We feel like not many people would know this one but really should! a 1998 BANGER!

4. Darius Syrossian – Mustang 74

One of the best B-sides we’ve come across in a long time. The groove is awesome, the way Darius flipped the sample is class!

5. The Magician – Ready To Love You (Mercer Remix)

A massively underrated remix from the legend that is Mercer! This ones full of feel good disco nostalgia!

How did you first two meet, on the gallows or at The Gallery? 

We first met at a Data Transmission event funnily enough. We stayed in touch and started bouncing ideas back and forth on email, and the rest was history. We both have our own approaches and styles with production, and the two combined seem to be a solid match!

What is coming next from the Wh0 duo release wise…?

We have a huge remix out in January, but we’re sworn to secrecy for now sadly. Lots of new Wh0 music coming in 2021 though, including a HUGE collab with the legend that is Nile Rodgers!

And finally, Christmas is around the corner. What do you want santa to bring you down the chimney this year?

Santa isn’t coming silly, rule of 6 remember….unless Rudolf can make things work with just 5 on his side!?