Will Easton

Since his first release in 2018, Will Easton has received tremendous support from industry heavyweights including CamelPhat, Jamie Jones and Tensnake. His first release on Stress Records, Bound / Origin, earned itself monumental air-time on BBC Radio 1 after catching the attention of Pete Tong and Danny Howard. Will’s talents have since seen him work on some impressive projects, notably remixing for Duke Dumont in recent times. With no signs of slowing his current run of impeccable form, Will is primed to showcase more of his work in the coming months with a remix for Vonda7 on Artwerk as well as a release on Hot Haus Records in September featuring a remix from the Scottish talent Theo Kottis. DMCWORLD dives in….

Hello Will! It’s great to have you with us today! It’s been a brilliant period for you musically over the last year or so. You’ve really caught the ears of a lot of people with your exciting sounds. First off, how are you doing? Where are you at the moment and how have the last few months during the lockdown been for you?

Hi! I’m doing pretty well thanks. I’m locked down in east London, so like everyone else I’ve started to go a bit crazy – but things seem to be easing up, and although nothing should be rushed into, the thought of clubs and pubs reopening is keeping me going!

Your Radio Star E.P marks your third appearance on Stress Records. Tell us, how did your relationship with the label first come about?

Back in 2019 I was lucky enough to remix Prayer by Prospa – the original was such a huge record that I couldn’t say no, especially with Stress being such a prestigious label. The team there are amazing and so after that it seemed natural to do a full EP, or three…and there’ll be plenty more to come.

What was the inspiration behind the Radio Star EP?

Given the chaos at the moment I wanted to put together an EP that I could look forward to playing out in clubs when they reopen. Hopefully each track represents a different moment through a club night, and gets everyone pumped for the first night back!

Your previous releases have received a great deal of support, especially from the Radio 1 DJs such as Danny Howard and Pete Tong. What’s it like for you as a young artist to see your music being so well received?

I still remember the first time I got played on Radio 1 – I was listening live, and Annie Mac played an early track of mine. I had no idea it was going happen, and it sent me absolutely nuts. Support from absolutely anyone still makes be incredibly grateful, but especially when it’s from such legends like Danny, Pete and Annie. There’s so many awesome young artists out there that the Radio 1 team support and I’m buzzing to be one of them!

When did you first begin making your own music and what inspired you to do so?

I think I started producing seriously during second year of university. I was at uni in Leeds which has an amazing club scene, and that inspired me to start making some music of my own. My essays definitely suffered, but I spent hours and hours locked in my room learning production which definitely helped me.

What is your creation process like when making music?

It’s pretty unstructured to be honest. I haven’t got any hardware, so I usually start off with a basic drum beat, and then load up my favourite synth to see if I can come up with anything half decent! I try and always make myself put down some sort of arrangement, because I’ve got an awful habit of leaving hundreds of 8 bar loops unfinished.

With day to day life understandably disrupted right now, what’s a day in your life looking like at the moment?

I’m actually still working full-time in the day job, so my days are filled with that from Monday to Friday. Evening’s and weekends are when I find time to work on music!

Who would be a dream artist to collaborate with and why?

Everything the Bicep guys put out is an absolute gamechanger – a collaboration with them would be incredible.

What are you most looking forward to doing when life returns to some kind of normality?

Seeing friends and family, something I’ve only been able to do in a limited way for what seems like forever. And of course, being able to get back in the club!

Thank you for speaking with us today Will. To round off, is there anything else coming up for you that you can let us in on yet?

I have plenty of unreleased music lined up, including a massive track with Camelphat for their upcoming album which I’m stoked for. I also have a remix coming for Vonda7 which I’m very proud of, so look out for that. Cheers for having me!

Buy link…https://www.beatport.com/release/radio-star-ep/3001849

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