Zight has a unique bond with music. From a young age the budding producer would hear melodies in his head that he couldn’t quite make sense of, and after being diagnosed with Synesthesia, Zight started to use this to his advantage. Following some testing years of confusion, Zight learnt to unite his emotions with music, discovering the melodies arising in his head could be the start of something truly special. Exploring those tunes and recording them, Zight was led to his beautiful creation, ‘Fly Away’, with the release of this single marking a crucial point in his musical journey. Working alongside the seasoned professional Sonna Rele, Zight is sure to make presence known on the music scene with this sparkling debut. DMCWORLD checks in…

Hi Zight, how are you?

Hey DMCWORLD! Nice to meet you guys. I’m doing great!

You have had an incredible start to the year, what inspired ‘Fly Away’?

The chorus of “Fly Away” is a piece of melody that stayed in my hard drive for 11 years already. Like since I was a kid, I hear melodies popping out from my head occasionally. Most are dull, few are worth recording. I can’t remember how exactly I recorded “You’re gonna be okay, you gotta fly gotta fly away” in my music player. Guess it was the dream of that kid who wanted so bad to fly away.

What was it like working alongside Sonna Rele?

It was an enjoyable and professional experience working with Sonna. We both aim to bring this song to mainstream, music chart level. We had a lot of discussions before recording sessions. The vibe, the mood, harmonies, everything. I remember it was one or two days after Thanksgiving, I received Sonna’s vocals, which was the best gift I’ve ever received on Thanksgiving day.

Zight & Sonna Rele - Fly Away (Official Music Video)

Who are your musical inspirations and how would you say they influence your music?

Definitely. Zedd, Matrix Garrix, David Guetta, Calvin Harris and many other big room, electro house music producers. During the production process I took quite some references from the best songs of Zedd.

Was there added pressure for this release due to this being your first?

Absolutely. As the first mainstream release, it was really a nightmare during the preparation process. The music video, for example. Director Dmytro and I met so many uncertainties and difficulties like, actress, locations, bad weather, avoiding pedestrians with masks. And the deadline. It was the morning of the release date when Dmytro sent me the final version of the MV.
And this is what we came up with…

Who do you want to collaborate with next?

“Keep Running”. An energetic song for all runners, collaborating with Canadian cover singer Peter Forest.

When can we expect to hear your next track?

This spring. I have strong faith that the pandemic is going to end very soon. I do hope “Keep Running” will bring some positive and energetic vibe to the post-pandemic new bright world.

What does the future look like for Zight?

Music production in Hong Kong has been going downhill for one or two decades, disconnecting from the whole world. It is my eventual goal to become the first Hong Kong musician to get into the  UK Billboard chart. Step by step, I will reconnect this city with the West, so that our voices, the Hong Kong people can be heard and not be forgotten.

Where can we keep up to date with you?

Please follow my Facebook page. I will be posting production progress week to week.