UPPSALA 2021-06-17 Crackazat. Photographer: Mikael Sjoeberg

Back To Mine with Crackazat

Multi-Instrumentalist, producer, DJ and live performer, Crackazat, is well known for his creative blends of Jazz and House music. He has a fantastic catalogue of singles and remixes on labels such Future Boogie, Local Talk, Defected, Z Records, Freerange, Anujuna Deep, Heist Recordings, to name but a few. His album releases include ‘Crescendo’ (2015), ‘Rainbow Fantasia’ (2017), a Crackazat Edits album for Local Talk (2019), and ‘Evergreen’ (2022). With his tasty remixes of Crystal Waters & Soul Central ft Robin S’ ‘Love One Another’ (Quantize Recordings) currently heating up the dance floors, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Crackazat.

Billie Holiday – Lover Come Back To Me

Where it all began for me.

Billie Holiday - Lover, Come Back To Me (Clef Records 1952)

Skalpel – So Far

A phenomenal album. Extremely evocative and full of the dust and swing I love.

Bonobo – Terrapin

These two chords are tear jerkingly simple. That and Bonobo’s melodic wizardry through his sampling.

Floating Points – Myrtle Avenue

Floating Points at his finest demonstrating his mastery of swing, dance music and modern electronic sonics and composition.

Jamiroquai – Didjital Vibrations

I would love for every modern pop band to have one explorative instrumental piece of music just like Jamiroquai did in 1996.

Jamiroquai Didjital Vibrations

HNNY – Cheer Up My Brother

Once again, another producer who makes golden unquestionable classics be re-using and recycling lost and forgotten music from the past. Something I will never do but will always love.

HNNY - Cheer Up My Brother

J Dilla – Doo Doo

Could you listen to this forever? As you cruise through space and time to discover the unknown? I certainly could.

J dilla - Doo Doo 432Hz

Mr Scruff – So Long

Once again, Jazz morphs into hip hop and alas my soul is reborn eternally in 1999

Kerri Chandler – Mommy What’s A Record

Answer: This is a record.

Kerri Chandler - Mommy What's a record

Crystal Waters & Soul Central feat. Robin S – Love One Another (CRACKAZAT MANA’s Vocal Dub)

A fast and chill dub featuring none other than Robin S. This remix was an honour to make.

Crystal Waters & Soul Central feat. Robin S - Love One Another (CRACKAZAT MANA's Vocal Dub)


Crystal Waters & Soul Central feat. Robin S – Love One Another (Crackazat Remixes) is out now on Quantize Recordings