Adam Port

The Keinemusik collective continue their rise to the top doing it their way

The Keinemusik collective is one of the most alluring of recent times. In an age where back to back DJ sets are becoming more and more frequent across global dancefloors, often with artists who have never played together before, it’s refreshing for a clubbing focused commune to pop up where the synergy is obvious. Having been friends for six years, the quintet have started a record label and a highly regarded party based in Berlin, the latter being transported to a plethora of cities across the globe. Upcoming showcases include the standard ADE offering, alongside a debut for the cartel in Liverpool where the full set bar Rampa will head to Baltic quarter based clubnight Rubix. That’ll leave &ME, Reznik, David Mayer and Adam Port in control of the music for the evening. Ahead of the show we caught up with the latter to talk about the crew’s undeniable chemistry, plans for ADE and the ever developing hotbed of musical talent coming from Israel.


Interview by Jimmy Coultas

Hey Adam thanks for speaking with us. So how has the summer been for you so far – have you enjoyed playing festivals and Ibiza?

Hey, hey nice talking to you guys! For festival season, I’ve totally had lots of fun with good memories – even when the weather in Europe was difficult for festivals this summer. As far as Ibiza goes, I have never been there. Hey, wait a minute this is a good track name. Haha!

You’re off to Liverpool shortly for your debut in the city. Have you been before, and what is your feeling towards UK crowds in general?

It’s the first time for me to visit the city that changed pop music forever, so I’m pretty excited. I love the UK crowds and the people there. They are always very polite and up for a good party.

The show sees you coming together under the Keinemusik banner. What is it about your musical family that brings out the best in each of you? Is there a level of chemistry that you can’t replicate elsewhere?

I guess the good vibe between us is the key. We also play a little bit differently so when we’re at a Keinemusik night and we play back to back together, it means that musically there is a lot more colour and variety. But sometimes it also goes wrong because we can’t find a red line in the whole set…

There’s been a resurgence these past few years in collaboration when DJing. Not only in the rise of collectives like yourselves and Visionquest, but also with the onset of more and more back to back DJ sets appearing. What are your thoughts on why this has become so popular?

This is a marketing move from smart management to do B2B sets with two big DJs. We’re different to that; we are a crew that for six years have been together long before anybody knew who we were. I think this is the same with Visionquest, they have stuck together for a long time. Although I checked their Facebook earlier though, I hadn’t realised Seth was no longer part of it?

You’re off to ADE shortly, can you tell us about your planned activity there?

Our main focus is the Keinemusik x Pets party at Chicago Social Club on Friday the 16th. Playing there with Catz N’ Dogz and Beesmunt Soundsystem. Holla at me when you wanna come around, be great to see you there!

We’ll definitely look you guys up! Do you think it’s a positive thing for the scene to have these opportunities to come together in this way? Do you attend others such as the WMC, Sonar and MIDEM?

For me, it feels like we are all DJs sitting in the same boat. It’s a nice feeling to be a part of a movement that has become so popular, and definitely anything that helps that, I am for.

What productions have you got forthcoming you can let us know about?

My next EP will come on Pets Recordings on October 23rd. I made it with the talented Jennifer Touch from Leipzig. It will come with a Sei A Remix, I love his work and I’m really happy that he was up for doing this remix for me.

Finally what artists have you been digging this year in your sets?

The most difficult question at the end! I can’t say it about one special artist but I can say that a lot of good music with style is coming from Israel in the last 12 months. I’ve discovered a lot of new good artists from there on SoundCloud and through recommendations from friends, it’s a very productive country for electronic music right now.

Adam Port plays ​Rubix presents Keinemusik, Friday 9th October @ District in Liverpool. Tickets: