Hey guys, great to meet you! How are you, what’s good and what’s bad about 2019 so far?

Alampa are a Russian duo who have burst onto the scene with their unique and inspiring production and live sets, making a lasting impression on anyone within earshot. We sat down with the guys to learn more about their roots, their latest ‘Paranoia’ release, and what is on the horizon for them in the future…

Kate: Hey! We are thrilled to enter 2019 with the newest “Paranoia” EP. In January we released the live video on “The Man In Case” featuring Monoplay. And there is much more to execute.

How did you guys first meet, when and where?

K: I met Tagir on the Internet. He sent me first demos and suggested to do vocals. This is how it begun.

How long till you started making music together?

Tagir: Since 2015.

How did it go at first? What makes it work?

K: I feel this is a lifelong path. It depends on your personal attitude.

Do you both bring certain sounds and styles to the table, are you from different musical backgrounds?

T: It’s a mutual process. We can do chords, and the music flows out naturally. I have always been interested in creativity. At the age of 12, an overwhelming music passion occurred. Therefore, when I was 15, I tried to produce the very first tracks.

K: In our songs I do lyrics and vocals. I have no special education but have been singing from childhood. Either at school performances or concerts either just for fun.

Who does what? Do you both do everything or does one of you do synths, one bass etc?

T: Kate does vocals, melodies and lyrics, I do the rest of production.

What is the scene in Moscow like? Does it inspire you and influence you? Are you a product of your home city, do you think?

K: Not really. We are absolutely cosmopolitan here. The inspiration comes from foreign music.

Tell us about your new EP on NOPASSPORT? What’s the back story, what influenced it?

T: A few tracks had been recorded nearly two years ago. I felt self-confident and worthy of any of my dreams. So I started to translate these feelings into music language. Thus the song «Lush Dance» was influenced by Moscow and created at studio. «Paranoia» EP consists of six original songs and two special remixes from Canadian producer James Teej.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

K: A collaboration with James Teej is coming up. Also a couple of singles for summer. It will be very special. We hope it could open up a different perspective of what we are doing. Above it all the new album is being produced. It will be released Autumn 2019.

Tell us something about each other that we don’t know.
T: Sometimes I am too stubborn.
K: I love Avocados.

Alampa’s ‘Paranoia’ is out now on NOPASSPORT
Grab it here –